Earth Calling….Sunday Brunch

Each week Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch pulls in an audience of over ½ million and it’s easy to see why with their blend of great guests, recipe inspiration and live music. But how might this show look if they move sustainability up the agenda, making it a focus for the show.

Perhaps we would see Simon Rimmer’s recipe echoing the recommendation of the ‘Planetary Health Diet’ which suggests we drastically reduce our meat and dairy consumption, shouldn’t this be reflected in the recipes he entices us to try our hand at each week? And what about sharing tips on what do with leftovers to prevent food waste as well as promoting seasonal, UK based producers. Or Tim Lovejoy interviewing some of the world leading thinkers on climate change such as Paul Hawken, the man behind Drawdown  – the New York Times Bestseller. Or perhaps we’d see a return of the technology feature with a focus on gadgets designed to make our lives a little easier and the planet a little better.

What do you say Sunday Brunch team? Are you up for the #PlanetPlacement challenge?