Content for Climate... albert’s project to define and deliver our community’s approach to editorial; to create a vision, identify levers for change, test hypothesis, overcome barriers and create a vehicle capable of implementing the required action.

Imagine a content industry that helped its audiences to live sustainably… but, actually like, really did that.

  • Where all genre content strategies were informed by science-based climate information and the sustainable futures shown on screen were relatable, entertaining and aspirational
  • Where content makers considered the duty of care to UK citizens and contributors in relation to climate change
  • Where the content industry recognises, and is held to account for, the appropriate contributions it could make for the societal behaviour changes required to meet climate legislation

Imagine that.

The Committee on Climate Change have stated that the scale of change required to achieve net-zero will require unprecedented and profound changes in societal or behaviour change.  The broadcasting industry has a proud and successful history of meeting society’s biggest issues head on.

Our Content for Climate project is convening a group of influential practitioners and experts to further explore the routes to altering the content strategies of UK Broadcasters for a sustainable future.

This is a multifaceted project, recognising that many in our industry have a unique and necessary role to play.

Project timeline


Mar 2019 Launch of Planet Placement
May 2019 Launch of Subtitles to Save the World 1
Jan 2020 Senior Broadcasters meet HRH
Aug 2020 Project Begins
Sep 2020 Debate within House of Lords
Nov 2020 Launch of Subtitles to Save the World 2
Jan 2021 First meeting of advisory committee