Could you accidentally be making some things worse?

Does a beloved main character only eat steak, travel by car and regularly jet off on mini-breaks? Do you portray unsustainability? Make sure you're not making high carbon lifestyles aspirational.

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Understand the implications of everything you show

When creating or commissioning content, think carefully about what you are promoting. Are you popularising negative environmental behaviours or positive ones? And what might the consequences of that be? By understanding the potential impact of everything you put on screen, you will be better able to create content that can both entertain the masses and improve the world around us.

Time for a few tweaks

Look at how you could change the unsustainable elements in your programme.

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Survey Says...

Including sustainable climate content is not as difficult as you might think and what’s more, it’s what the audience want.

Sky’s Impact Report found that 80% of people across Europe support the idea of broadcasters using content and advertising to encourage people to adopt more environmentally positive behaviours

BBC’s Audience Insight team found that 40% of the people they spoke to said the media should be doing more

Whether you opt for a climate conscious main character or weave in a climate conversation, there are lots of ways for you consider the climate

Fuel your creativity with the latest environmental trends.

Tap into the drama and conflict, the interesting characters and the unlikely heroes and put the environmental reality onto screen.

Make use of our creative guide to putting the planet into programming