Does your programme have non-verbal content that portrays sustainability?

It’s not about shoehorning climate change into every conversation. You can portray sustainability just through what’s in shot. Solar panels in backdrop, electric car being charged, reusable products.

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Influence of TV

A report by the Behavioural Insights team in collaboration with Sky has found that 8 in 10 support the idea of broadcasters nudging #green choices through content and 1 in 3 say TV has inspired them to make changes.

The power of TV nudging viewers to decarbonise their lifestyles

Culture Crisis?

“When future generations look back upon the Great Derangement they will certainly blame the leaders and politicians of this time for their failure to address the climate crisis. But they may well hold artists and writers to be equally culpable – for the imagining of possibilities is not after all, the job of politicians and bureaucrats.”