Does it do so in a way that informs and inspires audiences about a sustainable future?

Consider using humour to shine a light on the case for urgent action and make a serious topic accessible to more people

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The screen industries have a crucial role to play in society’s response to  climate change.

Reducing the footprint of productions is important, but by far the greatest opportunity is to make an impact through the content we put on screen.

Collectively, our industry reaches millions of people every single day. That represents an unprecedented opportunity to inspire a shift in mindsets and make positive environmental behaviours mainstream. It’s a chance to inform society’s response to climate change.

We need to be net zero in a generation!

And we all have our part to play

Culture Crisis?

“When future generations look back upon the Great Derangement they will certainly blame the leaders and politicians of this time for their failure to address the climate crisis. But they may well hold artists and writers to be equally culpable – for the imagining of possibilities is not after all, the job of politicians and bureaucrats.”