Does it do so in a way that informs and inspires audiences about a sustainable future?

By creating content that portrays sustainability, you have the chance to tell new stories, reach new audiences and reflect the reality of the world right now. Consider trains rather than planes, local ingredients and upcycling.

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The screen industries have a crucial role to play in society’s response to climate change. Reducing the footprint of productions is important. But, by far, the greatest opportunity to make an impact is through the content we put on screen.

Collectively, our industry reaches millions of people every single day. That represents an unprecedented opportunity to inspire a shift in mindsets and make positive environmental behaviours mainstream.

It’s a chance to inform society’s response to climate change.

We need to be net zero in a generation!

And we all have our part to play

Climate Fatalism?

Ipsos/Futerra global poll finds high levels of fatalism about climate change among young people

Of the 20,000 people from 27 countries surveyed, a fifth of the youngest (under 35 y/o) cohort said they believe it is ‘too late to fix climate change’, highlighting a fatalism about their future not found in older groups.

The survey found younger people to be 66% more fatalistic about the chances of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will slow climate change to an acceptable degree.