Fantastic! Reckon you could do more?

How about a climate conscious main character or a dastardly villain associated with negative climate actions?

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Not sure your character would talk about climate change?

A One Home YouGov poll shows nearly half the population is talking about climate change at least once a week.

So why not add in conversations about wildlife, air pollution, plastics, the extreme weather etc and ‘environmental issues’ to your next script.

Inside the home, are characters recycling? Using smart meters? Adding solar panels to their roofs? Or shunning the tumble dryer and hanging their washing outside?

How might extreme weather affect soap characters? Flooding, droughts and extreme heat could all impact our lives in the future.

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It's great you want to add more climate content

There are lots of ways for you to do this.

Fuel your creativity with the latest environmental trends.

Tap into the drama and conflict, the interesting characters and the unlikely heroes and put the environmental reality onto screen.


Make use of our creative guide to putting the planet into programming