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Why not feature participants that care more about reducing SUP (Single Use Plastic) then buying an SUV

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Can comedy and comedians get people talking about the issues and understanding the solutions?


Take a look at this event, filmed at COP26 in Glasgow with host Gemma Cairney and panellists Dr. Matt Winning , Maeve Higgins, Mark Watson  and Jon Richardson who discussed the role of comedy in helping us to navigate climate change.

Does comedy help broadcasters (and scientists) reach audiences who wouldn’t ordinarily choose to engage with the subject of environmental sustainability?

Is comedy inadvertently part of the problem?

This video made with the National Centre for Science Education is a fantastic insight into how US comedy shows have dealt with climate change in the past. From passing off the rise in temperatures as a good thing, to representing the eco warrior as the character to be laughed at, not with – the videos questions if comedy shows have inadvertently nudged audiences into a position of complacency or believing that those wanting to change the world are ‘weird’.

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