The albert team is ready to go for this year’s Media Production & Technology Show and we’d love for you to join us!

We’re going to put on a multitude of sessions throughout the first day of the show, covering topics ranging from content to energy use, and we’ll have a booth where you can come and talk to us about all things sustainability related.

See our full programme of panels below, which will all take place on the 10th of May.

Our booth will be open across the 10th and the 11th.

Register for the show here.

11:00 – 11:45: Writing Sustainability In Your Stories: Why Climate Content Matters

Get ahead of the curve! Wanted to put climate change into your script but don’t know where to start? Our panel of creatives and researchers discuss how to do it effectively and how your story can help save the planet. A must-attend for storytellers and commissioners in any format: corporate, factual, reality, and narrative. 

  • Neal Romanek, Head of Communications and Events, albert – Moderator  
  • Catherine Graves, Research Fellow, albert 
  • Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Practice, University of Southampton  
  • Andy Briggs, Screenwriter 

12:00 – 12:45: Zero Carbon Power: Powering Your Production Sustainably

We’ll be discussing best practice and showcasing examples on how to minimise the carbon footprint of your productions. The panel will include practical case studies on how to overcome the logistical barriers to change, with companies that are working to provide green energy solutions. 

13:00 – 13:45: The Studio Sustainability Standard: How Studios Are Turning Green

Steve Smith presents the results of the Studio Sustainability Standard, a new sustainability rating programme built by studios for studios, and how the standard will develop going forward. We look at case studies of what studios have done, and can do going forward, to minimise their carbon footprint. 

  • Steve Smith, Sustainability Consultant & Project Manager, albert – Moderator  
  • Katherine Nash, Business Operations Manager, The Bottle Yard Studio 
  • Josephine Clark, Commerical Director, Maidstone Studios  
  • Cherry Portbury, Head of Studios, IMG  
  • Stephen Hill, Associate Director and Sustainability Consultant, Arup  

14:00 – 14:45 Mission Zero: Taking Your Production to Net Zero

A practical run-through of the albert Toolkit where we’ll take a high impact production towards zero carbon. We’ll be joined by industry experts and suppliers to share their expertise of what’s working best in practice and who can help you along the way. Looking forward, we look at how you can support albert’s long-term strategy to reduce carbon emissions to zero. 

  • Kishan Khambhaita, Communications Assistant, albert – Moderator 
  • Jung-Min Kim, Data Analyst, albert 
  • Joy Montgomery, Circular Procurement Specialist 
  • Mark Irving, Director of Story, PlusZero 
  • Elliot Ancona, Project Coordinator, Studio Soho 

15:00 – 15:45 Virtual Production: How Green are Virtual Sets? 

Virtual Production is the way of the future. In this panel, we examine the carbon footprint of virtual productions and look at effective case studies of how virtual production has improved storytelling and sustainability. 

  • Jung-Min Kim, Data Analyst, albert – Moderator 
  • Phil Holdgate, Head of Production Sustainability, ITV Studios 
  • Elliot Ancona, Project Coordinator, Studio Soho 
  • Dr Jodi Nelson-Tabor, Business Development & Training Manager, Final Pixel