We’re reviewing the production certification criteria and process as part of continual improvement – enhancing the accuracy of carbon footprinting and improving how the certification can be used to leverage sustainability – celebrating the good stuff productions are doing.

The current albert certification process results in a logo that states ‘Carbon Neutral Sustainable Production’. External audits verified the albert methodology in 2021 and 2022. This year, albert would first like to work with industry to review and evolve the certification and what the logo represents.

We will be taking the following actions, imminently:

  1. Replacing the ‘Carbon Neutral Sustainable Production’ logo to be with ‘albert Certified Production’ from 30 May 2023. The certification process will remain unchanged for now, only the logo will change.
  2. We are convening a Certification Taskforce, comprising of members of the albert Consortium, to gain consensus for what the certification will represent so that it effectively aligns with Net Zero aims whilst improving engagement and celebrating the industry’s best efforts.

We are keen to ensure that our albert certification methodology is the most credible for the sector, and maintains transparent improvements in line with industry sustainability goals – including progress towards Net Zero and protecting nature.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means that the greenhouse gas emissions (minimum of Scope 1 & 2) associated with an entity, product or activity are reduced and offset to zero for a defined duration. This happens through calculation of a carbon footprint and relies on the purchasing of verified carbon credits to finance projects which are validated to a recognised standard.

What’s the difference between Carbon Neutral and Net Zero?

A key difference is that carbon neutrality can be claimed ‘now’ through the purchase of offsets, but you cannot claim net zero achievement by using carbon credits. Net zero is of utmost importance.

Net zero refers to a deeper, more comprehensive longer-term commitment to decarbonise emissions by 90% by 2050 or sooner. There are recognised standards, such as the Science-Based Targets Initiative and Race to Zero campaign that involve criteria where you must demonstrate rapid action to reduce emissions, and transparently demonstrate progress on a near-term target (e.g. 50% reduction by 2030).

Does replacing ‘carbon neutral’ with ‘albert certified’ mean albert sustainability standards have softened?

No. The change has been made in order to make albert certification more robust and practically useful for productions as they continue to decarbonise. This is the first step in an evolution in the certification process which will be developed with the industry in the coming months.

What does this mean for albert Certification process?

The process will remain unchanged until further notice. Only the logo is changing as of 9am Tuesday 30th May 2023.

What does this mean if my production is part way through the process?

Continue as you would have. We will provide the new logo as long as you have completed the usual requirements of certification.

What does this mean if my production is in ‘completion required’ status?

Continue as you would have. We will provide the new logo as long as you have completed the usual requirements of certification

Will the new logo still meet the needs of broadcasters who have mandated albert Certification?

Yes, this decision has been made with those broadcasters and streamers. They have been asked to communicate with commissioners and legal teams to ensure the new certification is accepted and does not slow payments for deliverables.

The logo doesn’t say anything about ‘sustainability,’ will its meaning still be understood outside of the industry?

The ‘albert Certified Production’ logo is an interim measure as we develop the certification. We will produce clear communications regarding what the logo stands for in due course.

What does this mean for productions who have received the old logo?

Productions that have received the Carbon Neutral logo previously will be able to continue to use that logo. Productions certifying after on or after 30 May 2030 will be issued the new one. We will update the terms and conditions on our website to reflect that all previous certifications are still valid.

Does the previous logo retain credibility?

Yes. The certification has always represented participation in carbon footprinting, forward-planning during pre-production, and completion through submission of evidence against questions in the Carbon Action Plan. Productions awarded the previous logo were adhering to the principles of the Carbon Neutral protocol standard.

Do productions still need to offset to obtain certification?

The certification process will remain unchanged for now. Offsetting remains a requirement but will be within the review.