albert believes in being open about what data we collect from our users and what we do with it. EU legislation called ‘GDPR’ sets out comprehensive requirements for all companies handling the personal data of EU citizens. This includes a number of things we must tell you when we collect data from you. We have provided all the information you need as simply and clearly as possible through this Privacy Policy using a question-and-answer format.

What data will be collected about me and why?

The data we collect about you depends on how you interact with our sites. We have listed the different services we offer below:

Newsletter Subscribers

If you subscribe to one of our newsletters then we will need to hold your email address in order to email you. We also ask for a first and last name so that we can make our emails more friendly.

albert toolkit users

When you sign up to use the albert toolkit we will ask for your first name, surname and email address in order to create an account for you to access the system. These details are required for us to be able log you in and to be able to send you transactional emails relating to your use of the albert toolkit.

We will not use these details for any other purpose.

The system can also hold a contact phone number for the first company admin but this field is optional. We do not use the data in this optional field for any purpose, other than to contact the company admin if an urgent response is required.


During the carbon action plan process the albert toolkit allows you to upload images, documents and other files to support your claims. You must redact any personal data from these files before uploading them.

If any personal data is accidentally uploaded in these files we will not use this for any purpose other than to validate erasure requests.

If your data has been accidentally included then you can contact us as detailed below (see “What rights does GDPR give me?”) to request access to this data, or to request that this data be deleted.

Students and Universities

When the albert toolkit is used in an academic context, students are provided with accounts by course administrators from the university. The albert toolkit is maintained for albert by BAFTA Media Technology. See “Who will have access to my data” below for more details.

When creating an account on your behalf the course administrator must bring your attention to this privacy policy when collecting your name and email address which they store in the albert toolkit. The albert toolkit also has the ability to store job title, location and telephone numbers. These fields are not compulsory and albert do not use these fields in any way. Your institution may or may not require or invite you to provide this data. This is entirely at the discretion of your institution.

In some cases the course administrator may ask for assistance from the albert team to set up student accounts. In this case the course administrator will pass your details to the albert team who will use this data for the sole purpose of setting up the albert toolkit accounts. 

Corporate/Organisation Memberships

We offer various levels of membership:

  • BAFTA albert Consortium Members
  • albert Directorate Members
  • Partners
  • Affiliates
  • University Partners

Whilst the benefits of these various programmes vary, the data we collect and the ways we use this data are broadly the same for all of these programmes.

We will record name and email address details of any staff which the organisation wishes to take part in the meetings or receive updates. If your details have been passed to us by your organisation then your organisation should have directed you to this Privacy Policy when they collected your details. Your details will be used to update you about, and/or invite you to take part in any events or initiatives which might be of interest to you or your organisation.

Training Attendees

If you attend a course that is run by albert then we will collect your email address, name and surname. We may also ask for a postal address (this can be either a personal or a company address).

We require these details in order to be able to contact you to send you details and reminders relating to the training and ultimately, on successful completion of the training, send you your certificate.

We may also use these details from time to time send you updates and invitations to promote albert events and initiatives.

Event Attendees

If you attend an event run by albert we will collect your name, email address and details of your employment for the purpose of promoting future albert initiatives and events. This data will be collected and stored by Eventbrite. When you register to attend an event you are given the option to sign up for the albert newsletter, or request additional information about specific albert initiatives. If you have indicated that you would like to receive the newsletter, or have expressed an interest in a particular initiative then we will use your name and email address to send you the newsletter and/or information about the initiative you are interested in.

Miscellaneous Contact Details

During our normal day-to-day operations we receive enquiries and other communications from people by phone, email etc. If you contact us then our systems may store any of the contact details you provide in doing so e.g. your email address.

We will use these details to contact you and to pursue albert’s legitimate business interests.

We may make a record of discussions we have with you over the phone so that we can provide a consistent and efficient service if you call again.

Website Analytics

In common with most other websites we use website analytics software which collects data about how people use our websites. However, this is anonymised and cannot be traced back to you. We use this to help make sure our web servers are working well and to see which parts of our websites are most/least popular. This helps us to improve the overall user experience.


The albert website does use a limited number of cookies, to offer a better user experience and to help us analyze traffic on the website. You should have been given the ability to opt out of these when you first arrived at the site. Currently the cookies the website uses are related to functionality around Google Analytics and Vimeo.

Who is responsible for my data?

albert’s IT systems are provided and maintained by BAFTA. As a result, any data collected about you on any of the albert web sites will be kept under BAFTA’s control. BAFTA is registered charity (No.  216726) and can be contacted using the following details:


The Data Controller
195 Piccadilly


How long will you keep my data for?

Newsletter Subscriptions

We will retain your name and email address details until you unsubscribe from the Newsletter. Every newsletter we send includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

albert toolkit Data

If you have an account to access the albert toolkit, then your contact details will be retained until your user account is deleted. Depending on your user permissions you may have to contact your company/university albert administrator to get your user account deleted.

If you are the albert administrator for a company/university your contact details will be retained whilst your company is registered on the albert toolkit system until your company record is deleted, or an alternative company contact is provided.

Training Records

From time to time we are asked to validate if a particular individual has attended a training course. For this reason we retain details of training attendance indefinitely. This simply consists of a record of who (name and employment details) has  attended our training and when.

Event Attendance

Eventbrite stores details of events you have attended. This data is stored in Eventbrite. albert use the tools provided by Eventbrite to delete attendance after 2 years.

If you have any questions or concerns about the data stored by Eventbrite please refer to their Privacy policy. At the time of writing of this albert Privacy Policy, the Eventbrite privacy policy was available here:

Where will my data be stored?

Your data may be stored on a number of different systems depending on what interactions you have had with albert. We have listed theses systems below:


What data: Name, employment details, email address, areas of interest

Purpose: Registering for albert Events and Training

Data location: USA

Further information:


What data: Just name and email address

Purpose: Keeping in touch with members via email

Data location: USA

Further information:


BAFTA Media Technology

The albert system is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in the USA. AWS use a raft of logical and digital security features to keep data stored on their servers secure. These security measures are detailed here:

The security and privacy standards provided by AWS are defined in their online Service Terms (found here: ). These terms incorporate a specific Data Processing Addendum (found here: This Addendum includes EU Model Clauses, which were approved by the European Union (EU) data protection authorities, known as the Article 29 Working Party. This means that personal data stored on AWS servers is given the same high level of protection it receives in the EEA. 

What data: Name, albert role for use of the tool (admin, revioer, user), email address, details of your activity on the albert toolkit system. 

Purpose: Operating the albert toolkit platform and sending you email alerts required for the correct functioning of the albert toolkit.

Data location: UK

Further information: Contact albert for further information about the security measures in place on BMT systems

Who will have access to my data?

Staff within albert whose duties require it will have access to our internal databases and systems. 

The albert toolkit has been developed for albert by a subsidiary of BAFTA called BAFTA Media Technology (BMT). BMT maintain the servers which store all of the albert toolkit data. BMT staff have access to these servers, and therefore the data on them for maintenance purposes, but BMT are forbidden by their contract from using any of this data for any other purpose than providing the albert toolkit service.

Some technical tasks, such as configuring and securing our servers, require specialist expertise. We use specialist UK-based contractors to provide these services. These contractors are carefully vetted. All contractors must sign non-disclosure agreements which include a requirement that they keep all albert’s data confidential.

Will you give my data to anyone else?

From time to time companies may ask us which of their employees have attended our training. If you have attended an albert training course and you provided a company name on the registration form then we will pass your name and email address to your employer if they enquire about attendance.

We will also pass your details to law enforcement agencies if we are required to do so by law.

We will not pass on or sell your details to anyone else.

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This is a pan-European law which replaces previous national data protection legislation and gives all EU citizens common data privacy rights. The full text of the GDPR can be found here:

What rights does GDPR give me?

Full details of your rights are available in the text of the GDPR, but here is a quick summary of the main provisions which are relevant to the type of data we hold about you:

  • Access: You have the right to view the data we hold about you and to receive copies of this data in digital format.
  • Accuracy: If any of the data we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete then you can provide the correct or complete data and we must update the data we hold.
  • Erasure: You can request that we erase all the data we hold about you.
  • Restriction of processing: In some cases you can ask us to retain your data but not do anything with it.

How do I exercise my GDPR rights?

If you want to exercise any of your rights in relation to data albert holds about you then please email: or write to the Data Controller at the address given above (see “Who is responsible for my data?”)

Please provide details in your email/letter of what actions you would like us to take. Depending on the nature of the request and whether or not your request comes from the email address we have on file for you, we may need to verify your identity so that we don’t give out information to the wrong person. In most cases it helps if you are able to provide a contact phone number so that we can validate your identity and discuss the request with you.

What if I have a complaint?

If you are concerned about how we manage your data, or how we have handled a request to exercise your rights, then please get in touch with us to discuss it. To do this please send an email detailing your concerns to

If you are still not satisfied with the response you can take your concern to the Information Commissioner’s Office. For details of how to do this please refer to the ICO web site: