Have you ever considered a Green Rider?

With fewer than ten years to save the planet we believe our creative industries have a crucial role to play in reducing their environmental impact as well as inspiring audiences to live sustainably.

Introducing our Green Rider – a new contract to help you request more sustainable measures on set. From travel to catering, costumes to make up, there are changes you have the power to ask for that would bring about positive changes on set for you, the crew and the planet.

By championing climate action through their contracts, actors, their agents and those that cast them have the opportunity to make a huge difference.

And it’s not just actors. Writer, directors and others can include a green rider in their contracts too.

Join our Green Rider Campaign

Actors and their agents, alongside casting directors, have a huge amount of influence and they all want help to do more to make our carbon intensive industry more sustainable. The Green Rider gives them a framework and guidance for how to do this.

— Richard Wilson - Spotlight CEO

We asked stars at the EE British Academy Film Awards to share their views


Whether you’ve landed the starring role or you’re just starting out, you can use the Green Rider to make positive changes.

Could you car share? Travel by train or in an electric car? Ask for vegetarian caterers? Could your costumes and make up come from reusable and ethical sources? Could your trailer be powered by an electric generator?

The options are endless, and the power to make changes lies with you.


Support the Green Rider and encourage your talent to join in. As the person negotiating the contracts, you have a vital role to play in pushing for more sustainability measures on set.

Casting Directors

You have the opportunity to suggest productions include sustainability measures as the norm. Flag green rider requests from actors and push for them to be accepted. Cast people who demonstrate an interest in making a film as sustainable as possible, not demanding private jets etc.

Take a look at our Green Rider template to get started

"If stars make green demands then that message starts to seep down"

Director Kevin MacDonald believes that talent can make a huge difference.

I'm only starting out, can I ask for changes?

Yes! Clearly if you’re an extra then you might not have the power to demand a studio changes its power to 100% renewable energy… but there are still thing you can do and even better, you can champion ideas and share best practice with your peers. And one day, when you are at the top of your game, you can chat to the studio about that power supply…

Where can we find sustainable suppliers?

Right here! We are constantly building up our list of albert suppliers – these are companies who we believe are going the extra mile to make sustainability a core part of their business. This list isn’t exhaustive but it’s a good place to start.

If you come across other green suppliers who aren’t on our list then let us know and we’ll contact them.

I want to help but I'm worried that if I'm being fussy, I won't get the role

We appreciate that it can be hard to speak up, but you can feel assured that the Green Rider is supported by a number of the agencies and associations  and we’ll be working hard to make sure that a Green Rider becomes the norm not the exception.

What about Favoured Nation clauses??

While favoured, or most favoured nation clauses in actors’ contracts may make a lot of sense when it comes to pay or publicity, they can be responsible for hugely unsustainable practices – actors being provided things on set they don’t really want or need, purely because their co-star has requested them.

Wouldn’t it be better if the most favoured nation clause was applied to sustainability requests instead – ‘I want to travel by electric car because they are’.

Why are you launching in the middle of a pandemic?

No one could have predicted the situation we currently find ourselves in. It’s a scary time and many of us are turning to our screens for content that can inform, engage, entertain and give us hope.

This pandemic has shown just how important and influential our TV and film industry is.

We know that this is an incredibly tough time for everyone, our screen industries included, but it is also an opportunity to consider how future productions might help put the industry, the country and the planet back together.

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