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We have taken the hassle out of switching to a 100% renewable power supplier by doing the leg work for you. Every year, we find the greenest supplier to suit your needs. In the past 12 months alone 30 companies have switched and saved a whopping 4,200 tonnes of carbon – the equivalent of taking 899 cars off the road for one year.

Imagine what we could achieve if the whole industry switched to clean energy?

Creative Energy introduction

Creative Energy is pre-negotiated access to the cleanest, greenest, planet-protecting business electricity tariff on offer…

Renewable energy often comes at a premium. But power comes in numbers, so if a number of us move to the same provider, then we’ll get a much better deal.

Creative Energy is our renewable electricity tariff; it makes 100% renewable electricity financially accessible to all those in the creative industries.


You contact us. We contact them. You get a quote with preferential prices for 100% renewable electricity that meets our mean, green criteria. You switch and we shower you with praise...

Who is in so far…

5A Studios, Acamar Films, Argonon, Autonomy Mulitmedia Ltd, Babycow Productions, Bad Wolf Studios, BAFTA, Band Films, Banijay, Beyond Time Pictures, Blast Productions, Blue Tuna, Buff Motion, Cactus, CPL, Coffee & TV, Cuppa Productions, Directors UK, Dog Years, Ealing Studios, eOne, E-post Halo Post, Expectation Entertainment, Films @ 59, Gorilla TV, Greenwich Studios, Halo Post, Humble Bee Films, Incentive Pictures, Inflammable Films, IWC Media, Kindle Entertainment, Kode, Lime, Locate Productions, Love Productions, LS Productions, Magic Light Pictures, Mammoth Screen, Neal Street Productions, NKDTV, Notorious DIT, Offcentre Productions, One of Us, Oxford Films, Pixipixel Ltd, Procam Take 2, Procam TV, Rawcut, Rocking Horse Pictures, Recom Farmhouse, Screen Alliance Wales, S&O Media, Sargent-Disc, Silverback, Snow Business International, Snow Years, Splice Post, Studio Lambert, Sunbeam Studios, Take 2, Time Based Arts, The Edge, The Edit, The Farm Group, The Incentive, The Purity Works, Visual Data Media, Windfall Films, Wyatt-Clarke & Jones and Zigcam Films

What do you get


  • REGO-certified, UK-sourced, 100% renewable electricity (‘0’ carbon emissions)
  • Preferential pricing for Creative Energy Project members
  • A dedicated account manager
  • A connection assessment to ensure your situation is optimised for your needs
  • Help analysing your consumption to help you reduce it
  • Advice on renewable generation or storage
  • Potential for energy audits and desktop surveys
  • Behavioural change advice
  • And for your staff and friends, a discounted domestic tariff for 100% renewable electricity at home