What is production carbon calculation?

Using data you already have at your finger tips, our bespoke calculator allows productions to quickly understand their environmental impact.

If you’re producing for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, UKTV, Sky, TG4 or Netflix, you’ll need to calculate your carbon footprint with us.

Simply provide some basic information about your production office, studio, travel, accommodation locations, materials used disposal and post-production, and the rest is, well… maths.

What is sustainable production certification?

Certification is the easiest way to be introduced to sustainable production techniques and get rewarded for putting them into place.

With the launch of our new toolkit, albert Certification is now achieved by completing a Carbon Action Plan. Successful completion of a Carbon Action Plan will allow a production to be given use of the albert logo which can be displayed on the end board

Our tools are free to use. To register, drop us an email with your company info, including the email addresses of both the production team member and the head of production who will complete and check submissions.

How to do it...

Follow these easy steps to measure your carbon footprint and put in place actions to reduce it.


Sign up in pre-production


Complete a carbon footprint prediction in preproduction (using estimates and rough locations if that is all you have available)


Review your predicted carbon footprint and set the actions you will put in place to tackle it


Make the show and keep track of your data for your final footprint and the evidence you will need to gain certification


Complete the final carbon footprint and submit certification evidence

Download our Quick Start Guide

Watch our video for an explanation of how to login to the new albert carbon calculator.

Watch our video for an explanation of how to start a production on our carbon calculator.

Watch our video for an explanation of how to complete a footprint on our carbon calculator.

More how to videos to come soon - watch this space!