Following the announcement of Wales’ selection as the first region taking part in our Screen New Deal Transformation Plan, those working in the Welsh Screen Sector, including suppliers, studios, production managers and producers, are invited to take part in the plan to bring the screen industries to Net Zero.

There are several ways to take part, from attending our specialised Screen New Deal Transformation Plan Training sessions, to filling out surveys for production staff and suppliers.

The data provided by filling out these surveys will be pivotal in the next stage of the Transformation Plan.

See the video below for a simple explainer, and keep going to see our surveys and see our latest training sessions.

What is the Screen New Deal Transformation Plan?

Want to get involved? Register for in-person training in Cardiff on 11th Jan

Surveys for suppliers to the industry

Want to know more?

Want to know more about Screen New Deal Transformation Plan? Are you a Welsh production company or supplier to the screen industry already making strides with sustainability? Feel free to drop us a line to

We look forward to hearing from you!