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Our new scheme is here to help you offset what you can’t reduce.

Offsetting is the act of purchasing carbon credits to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon that has been reduced by a verified carbon finance project.

As part of their climate action programmes, more and more companies are choosing to offset their unavoidable emissions by supporting impactful carbon finance projects around the world.

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Average cost to offset a production's entire footprint

What is albert's Creative Offsets Scheme?

Creative Offsets is albert’s bespoke scheme to help Film and TV productions offset the emissions they cannot reduce. To reach net zero as an industry and avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must reduce as much as possible and offset the remainder.

To deliver our Creative Offsets scheme, we have selected Natural Capital Partners – leading experts in carbon neutrality and climate finance.  Natural Capital Partners’ offset projects are all validated and verified to recognised third party carbon standards.

Who can offset?



Our creative offset scheme isn't just for productions. As an individual, you're welcome to offset your own footprint with us too. Calculate your footprint using the WWF calculator and then purchase your offset with us.



albert now requires productions to offset any remaining emissions in order to be awarded albert Certification. You can offset through any verified scheme including Creative Offsets



If you're looking at how to offset your entire company's footprint then get in touch with us to discuss using the Creative Offsets scheme for your entire company

Estimate your production's offset cost

If you don’t have a footprint from a previous series, then use our estimator to work out how much it might cost to offset the remainder of your production.

For further help, get in touch with us.


The estimator tool can help you with budgeting. If you have a footprint from a previous series, use that. Cost to offset is £9/tonne plus VAT.

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Which projects will I support through the scheme?

By offsetting through Creative Offsets, you will support a portfolio of high quality, impactful REDD+ emission reduction projects that protect and restore landscapes, enhance biodiversity, and improve health and livelihoods around the world.

Projects will be selected quarterly and will be chosen by albert and NCP based on those which have the highest possible impact as well as delivering on the UN’s additional global goals.

Three example projects from the albert REDD+ Forest Conservation Portfolio are below.


How do I get involved?

Our Creative offsets scheme is becoming part of the albert certification process. From January 2021, to achieve albert certification, UK productions will have to continue to reduce their impact (sending the albert team proof, as before) and they will then need to calculate and offset their remaining carbon emissions through our Creative Offsets scheme.

Can I just offset?

You can… but you won’t receive albert certification. albert strongly believes that we cannot simply offset our way out of the climate crisis. We must continue to reduce and only offset the remainder. It can be more cost effective to do it this way too – the more you reduce, the less the remaining carbon will cost to offset.

So how much will it cost?

Our offset costs are set at £9/tonne plus VAT. How much it costs your production will depend on its size and how much you’re able to reduce. We’ve created our estimator tool to help you estimate how much it might cost you – this tool is just a guide and might be helpful for budgeting purposes. The final cost will be generated after your production footprint has been calculated and assessed.

I don’t want to/can’t afford it.

We appreciate that budgets are tight and that this scheme might not be possible for everyone. Unfortunately, from January 2021 we will no longer be able to reward albert Certification to productions who don’t additionally offset.

The Creative Offsets scheme can generate additional marketing and communications value for your production because you will be able to clearly demonstrate your commitment to climate action and can talk about the incredible impacts of the portfolio of projects you support

Can I offset elsewhere?

You can. We set up the Creative Offsets scheme to make the offsetting process as simple as possible for busy productions but you’re entitled to offset outside of this scheme if you wish as long as you can provide the requisite footprint calculation, assessment and confirmation of offsetting to achieve the albert certification.

What else do I need to know when offsetting elsewhere?

Objective: Finance highest quality natural climate solutions, supporting the protection and restoration of global forests.

Fundamental criteria:

  • Project type: REDD+ via smallholder/indigenous communities, with move towards reforestation (removals)
  • Project standards: ICROA approved, primarily VCS with CCB and SB VISta.

I can't find a VAT invoice associated with my offset, what could have happened?

Normally when a user makes a purchase through the hub then a link to download their VAT invoice is included in their purchase confirmation email. Where users don’t input their address in the address field during the purchase process, then no VAT is charged on the transaction, and no address appears on the invoice. Likewise, where an incorrect address is inputted, then this will be reflected in the end invoice, which might make claiming VAT back difficult. Care should be taken to ensure that the address input at point of sale reflects the details of the company that is wishing to claim the VAT off the resulting invoice (and indeed generate the VAT invoice in the first place).

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The amount it'll cost to offset with us

How do I know the trees are still standing and the emissions reductions actually occurred?

We’ve chosen to work with Natural Capital Partners so we can be confident that the money spent on offsetting will guarantee the emissions reductions occurred and that the projects will protect and enhance the natural environment and the communities living in them.

To issue carbon credits, the projects must prove that the emission reductions are real, permanent and additional – which means they would not have occurred without the carbon finance. The  projects in the scheme are verified in accordance with VCS and CCB carbon standards and are regularly monitored and audited. Supported by essential carbon finance, the management systems of the projects help protect large areas of forest. The projects hold a large buffer of carbon credits for compensation in the highly unlikely event that unforeseen deforestation or wildfires should occur.

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