Average cost to offset a production's entire footprint

Carbon offsetting

albert is working to support film and TV to transition to zero-impact operations, this will require large scale changes at both an industry infrastructure and individual production level. The industry is working towards this long term objective but must take responsibility for its impact in the interim period, however long or short it may be.

Offsetting is the investment into a scheme that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, this is most commonly done proportionally to impact, i.e. ensuring that 1 tonne of CO₂ is removed for every tonne emitted.

Much of the industry’s progress on environmental sustainability has been delivered working in partnership. Regarding offsetting, there are a number of benefits to a common industry approach. These include…

  • Easier to create industry consensus when offsetting with a single project
  • Reduced price per tonne when working at volume
  • Creation of a better story when investing in a common project, that will in turn drive more interest
  • A collaborative scheme with due diligence to make sure the industry’s claims can be verified

How to get involved


To find out how much it will cost to offset you carbon footprint, you'll need to know how large it is. Productions are able to use our production tools to estimate this, companies can contact us for help calculating. It is advisable to use rough figures to get an early estimate as soon as possible, while budgets are still being set.

Contact us

We choose our offset project based on the companies who want to get involved. So contact us to let us know you are interested and together we can find a project that delivers the maximum value, environmentally and corporately.


We would like the whole screen industry to offset the emissions that cannot be eliminated, because it is the right thing to do. And while you do the right thing we'll help shower you with praise and communicate your achievements with the rest of the industry.

We'll talk you through it