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Saving our planet is now a communications challenge

— David Attenborough, 2020

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We are working to help creatives make content that supports the transition to a sustainable future. Programme makers have two complementary content opportunities;

  1. to look for exciting new ways to place the planet into the picture
  2. to ensure content’s editorial ambition isn’t unduly normalising unsustainable behaviour

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Our 2021 Subtitle Report is out!

Your guide to PLANET PLACEMENT...

This is your guide to creating world changing content.  With guidance, inspiration and case studies for every genre; identify and act on authentic and accessible ways to bring the planet into your programme.

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Subtitles to Save the World

We began releasing our subtitle reports from 2019, aiming to analyse how the broadcast industry is covering climate change on our screens.

Subtitle data provided by biggest British broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, UKTV and Sky) is interrogated and analysed with the help of Deloitte to uncover how environmental themes are being covered, and in what genres.

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What might some of the nation’s favourite programmes looks like if the environment became a key consideration for the producers?