Posted on 15th November 2020

What changes can you expect to albert Certification in 2021

The last 6 years of albert certification have seen over 500 productions implement actions to reduce their carbon footprint. Great progress has been made, meaning there are more areas where productions should be able to make sustainable choices by default. To reflect this, from January 2021 we have changed our certifications requirements

albert Certification from 2021

In this article we’ll take you through all the questions in the updated certification that are mandatory, section by section.


  • A senior person must be accountable for implementing sustainable goals
  • Using a draft (previously called predicted) footprint must be used to inform the production’s environmental goals
  • Production staff or crew must attend/have attended albert training
  • Sending a green memo prior to filming
  • Discussing the productions environmental goals routinely at meetings
  • Asking suppliers to contribute to the production’s carbon reduction
  • Completing a final footprint
  • Request/give feedback on sustainable initiatives

Production energy, materials and waste

  • Using low energy lighting on location/in studio
  • Having an opt-in policy for paperwork to reduce paper used
  • Using paper from a verified sustainable source (FSC, PEFC etc)
  • Using timber from a verified sustainable source (FSC etc)
  • Donating, recycling or reusing sets at the end of production (ie. nothing to landfill)
  • Using low VOC or water based paint
  • Donating, reusing or recycling props (ie. nothing to landfill)
  • Donating, reusing or recycling costumes (ie. nothing to landfill)
  • Makeup products are non toxic and/or organic
  • Reusable water bottles and/or for cast and crew
  • Food chosen with consideration for its environmental impact
  • Caterers eliminating plastic/polystyrene
  • Using rechargeable batteries

Travel / Carbon Neutrality

  • Phone/video conferencing being used in place of physical meetings
  • Choosing accommodation based on its environmental credentials/travel impact
  • Eliminating domestic flights
  • Offsetting the productions remaining emissions after taking actions to reduce them


Not all productions will have to take these actions if they are not relevant. The questionnaire has a total of 91 questions. The different types of questions are:

  • Filter questions: these generate the next question if answered yes. These were introduced in order to make all the certification questions relevant to different type of productions and genres. They don’t count towards any scoring.
  • Mandatory questions: these have to be answered as yes in order to get certification.
  • Non-mandatory questions: these are not mandatory but count towards getting better certification results.

Certification scoring has also been updated to reflect the improved infrastructure and innovation, meaning productions can take more actions easily. Please note that the percentages are applicable after the filtering process has been done in order to increase relevance to each production.

  • 1 star – productions that apply 55% or more of the actions listed on the certification (including all mandatory actions).
  • 2 stars – productions that apply 70% or more of the actions listed on the certification (including all mandatory actions).
  • 3 stars – productions that apply 85% or more of the actions listed on the certification (including all mandatory actions).

Working outside the UK?

Although certification in the UK has been running for a number of years, for many of our International partners, 2021 will be the first time they are giving it a go.

Why do Certification?

Put simply, the albert Calculator allows you to measure your carbon footprint. The albert Carbon Action Plan (which leads to albert Certification) allows you to take steps to reduce your footprint. If you are looking to reduce your impact then it’s vital that you consider doing both.

The new albert toolkit has been designed with our International partners in mind, you can now track your impact using bespoke carbon factors (where available) associated with your country making the measurements as accurate as possible. In time, we will also be rolling out versions of our toolkit in a variety of languages.

I've started Certification but won't finish it before the change

Productions that started before Jan 2021 won’t have to comply with the mandatory questions that weren’t mandatory prior to this. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us to discuss your production.

What's a Carbon Action Plan?

A carbon action plan is the process you’ll go through to successfully complete albert Certification. The carbon action plan is the list of questions you need to answer. albert Certification is the digital endboard logo you’ll receive if you’re successful.