Posted on 18th October 2019

Celebrities wearing hypocrisy with pride

This week over 100 celebrities - including Benedict Cumberbatch, Vanessa Kirby and Steve Coogan, signed an open letter accepting that they are hypocrites for supporting action on the climate emergency.

The open letter to the media is published by Extinction Rebellion and states

“We live high carbon lives and the industries that we are part of have huge carbon footprints… Like you – and everyone else – we are stuck in this fossil-fuel economy and without systemic change, our lifestyles will keep on causing climate and ecological harm.”

albert hopes this can be a breakthrough enabling high profile people to speak out during this vital window of opportunity for positive action.

Sky News links this action to criticism of Actress Dame Emma Thompson for taking part in April’s Extinction Rebellion protests “after it was revealed she had flown to the march in London from Los Angeles.”

Channel 4 News asked Naomi Klein for her view on the label of hypocrisy.

"I think people should wear their hypocrisy proudly"

Channel 4 News on YouTube

“If you can’t be an activist unless you have already somehow purged your whole life of fossil fuels, you’ll have a movement of 3 people, which is great for the fossil fuel companies..."

In addition to speaking out on this issue, some actors can significantly cut a production’s waste and carbon emissions by including a ‘sustainability rider’ in their contracts. This can require production companies to implement green strategies, making them contractually obliged to be more green.

Rather than requesting a private jet as some riders do, these can specify that a major studio is required to run on renewable energy. Where someone would usually demand a broad designer wardrobe, instead they can insist that all costumes are second hand or ethically produced.

There is precedent for this. Warner Bros became the first major studio to adopt the inclusion rider, company-wide on and off screen.

Download this sample green rider and adapt it for your next production.