www.wearealbert.org was originally built back in 2012 – an absolute eon ago in tech land – and we felt it was no longer fit for purpose. As sustainability rises up the agenda and awareness of the need to transition to a carbon neutral society grows, we wanted to create a hub for the film and TV world which could act as a ‘one stop shop’ for guidance, resources, access to our tools and inspiration as we tackle this challenge together.

The new site – built by the talented team at Alchemy Digital – brings together albert (for those working behind the scenes on production) and Planet Placement (for people developing the storylines we see onscreen). It’s also the perfect platform to showcase our new branding which we look forward to seeing displayed on our partners’ websites too!

Of course, this is all well and good but a lot of you might be thinking – how do I access the calculator?! Click on the menu button top right and you’ll see a link to the calculator and certification tool from there. But before filling in that all important footprint, why not take a look at one of our case studies on how to achieve 3 star certification or employing local crew when filming abroad, check out what events are happening near you or find out how you can join our Creative Energy Project.

Although the site is live, there is still a lot of content we plan to add to it. Over the next few months you can expect to see further improvements, content and articles and of course, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

2019 has already been an exciting year for albert with the launch of Planet Placement, the release of our subtitling report and even more companies than ever before going through albert certification. We’re a small team but have big ambitions for how we can help the creative industries become carbon neutral. Come and join the party!