An address book of sustainable suppliers to help you plan your production.

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1st 4 Thirst

Provide plumbed water dispensing units on location and in the studio.

West London

2nd Hand Scenery Scotland

2nd Hand Scenery Scotland was founded by Matt Doolan & Simon Cook, two scenic carpenters who were dismayed by the sheer volume of scenery being sent to landfill by the Scottish entertainment industry.

access booking

Accommodation, travel and event booking specialists for the media.

ACS Business Supplies

Stationery and officer supplies with carbon neutral operations.


Learning charity accepting donations of leftover art department materials and craft supplies, as well as props and textiles.


Addison Lee

Taxi and courier service delivering carbon neutral journeys.


Provide a range of solar panels, distributors and energy storage systems.


albert the carbon calculator

albert is a carbon calculator designed to measure the impacts of TV and film production.

All Events

A mobile catering company that take great environmental consideration over the products they prepare, the waste they create and the way they travel.


Amanda’s Catering

North West based caterers experienced working with productions to cater for sustainability.


Provide plumbed water dispensing units on location and in the studio.


Arcola Energy

Arcola Energy is active in a wide range of fuel cell application markets including education, portable power, transport and stationary.



ARRI have an established history of providing lighting to the entertainment industry. They can also provide a number of low energy lamps.

Art Dept Prop Houses Noticeboard

A group for Art Dept, Set Dec., Props and related creative crew to share information and ask for advice. It is not for Production to find props and bypass employing Art Dept.


Aurora are a lighting rental company for television, broadcast and entertainment industries. Aurora can provide the industry with low energy lighting. They operate worldwide.

BAE systems

Provide flexible solar power solutions.

Band Film Studio

Band Films is a Bristol based film production and studio facility l with a mission to support sustainable film making.


Waste management services. Biffa is the leading nationwide integrated waste management business providing collection, treatment, recycling and technologically-driven energy generation services.


BIO Collectors

Food waste collectors

BIO facilitate separation of food from other waste and will offer training and support on site as and when needed

South East

Brontë Water Coolers Ltd

Brontë supplies water coolers in various northern locations such as Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Doncaster. The company recycles 90% of all the materials they use. They also make regular donations to WaterAid in addition to supporting other smaller charities.


Waste management service.

Bywaters offers a complete Recycling and Resource Management service tailored to individual businesses in London and the South East.

South East

Carpet Recycling

Advice on what to do with unwanted carpets.

National advice


Waste management service.

Cawleys provide a complete range of services for businesses looking to manage and recycle waste resources as efficiently as possible. Their service spans all operational size requirements from single skip hire to shopping centre management; all waste stream types, and covers south east England and the midlands

Midlands and South East

Children’s Scrap Project

S.C.R.A.P. collect,, store and distribute clean, safe industrial waste to schools, nurseries, colleges, special needs groups, churches, hospital wards, playgroups, community groups and charitable organisations involved in education. (Registered Charity No. 281010)



Manage your scripts, contacts and call sheet electronically.

City Harvest

Offering collection services across London, City Harvest puts surplus food to good use in a sustainable way.

Collect Eco

CollectEco help their clients reuse and recycle more and supply a range of services to achieve this including waste clearance, day-to-day recycling & waste collection, catering/food waste & other biodegradables and specialist recycling.


Commercial Office Supplies

Ethically conscious suppliers of stationery and office supplies. Commercial offset all their emissions and power their business activity with electricity generated from their own solar arrange,

Community Wood Recycling

Offering a cost-effective and efficient collection service for all wood waste.


Country Style

Waste management service. Countrystyle Group iis a Waste Management and Recycling Company operating nationally with a strong presence in the South and East of England.

South and East of England

Creative England

Creative England’s production service helps to support productions filming in England, by sourcing local crews.

Daru Catering

DARU has been established since June 2010 providing event catering to the film and TV industry, DARU specialise in sustainable catering.



Manage your scripts, contacts and call sheet electronically.


Dresd repurpose waste materials from the film and TV industry.


Dress For Success

Women’s wear donation centers with locations in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Bellshill near Glasgow, and London.

DS Smith

Waste management service.

DS Smith deliver sustainable business recycling services including paper recycling and cardboard recycling through to total waste management solutions tailored to achieve zero waste.


EC Creative Services

Set construction company with active sustainability policy


Supplying and installing solar photovoltaic systems and biomass boilers.

South West

ecoffee cup

Sustainable, re-usable cup.

eConnect Cars

a London chauffeur-driven car service using all electric vehicles.

Ecoture Consulting

Ecoture, sustainability consultants with extensive TV experience, use their passion for sustainability to help clients to act more responsibly toward the environment and society.

Electric Car Hire

The PER Hire Cars division only offers high end products, namely from the BMW Group, whilst maintaining the company ethos for cost effective pricing and a focus on customer service and support.

Electric Pedals

Create interactive pedal-power events and installations. Some of these are to engage people with issues of energy wastage and to teach the science of generating electricity. And some are just for fun.



The Eco-Solar range of energy saving portable buildings are the latest in the Elliott Hire Eco-Future range.


Temporary, re-usable walls for use on set on or location.

Emerge 3RS

Greater Manchester charity gladly receiving donations of construction materials who also have wood for re use.


Eneloop supply broadcast quality rechargeable batteries.



Providers to low emissions vehicles for hire.


Enviropack is a progressive and environmentally conscious company dedicated to reducing the overall harmful effects of packaging upon the Environment. They have developed a range of eco-friendly and biodegradable products all sourced from ethical and sustainable sources. Particularly useful for on set catering.



Supplier of environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Catering and facilities company.

Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff.

Epping Forrest Reuse

Offering collection of furniture

Epping area


Prepare and send a document to be e-signed in a few quick clicks.

Ethical Nation

Provide recycled and eco friendly branded gifts


Provider of -end-to-end digital paper-free production solutions.

Event Merchandising

Provider of customisable and re-usable crew water bottles and catering mugs


Bespoke providers to the TV/Film and production industry offering sustainable ground transport and passenger services with an active environmental policy and carbon neutral operations.


Eye Fish

Eyefish is a database of peer reviewed crews from across the world. Its database can help you find source local film crews.



Accepting food donations, FareShare is a national UK charity supporting communities to relieve food poverty.

Fire Fly Solar

Provide renewable energy solutions for studios and locations.


First Mile

Waste management service.

First Mile collect from 10,000 businesses in London 24 hours a day all year round. They make recycling for businesses easy, helping companies save money and reduce their environmental impact.


Frank Water

Frank Water is based in Bristol. It provides with 32% recycled glass bottles, re-usable plastic bottles, water coolers, and refills for location based productions. All their profits go into funding save water and sanitation to communities around the globe.


Recyclable cups made from recycled materials.

Fuel Cell Systems

Low carbon generators and standby power solutions.



Furnish collect furniture and appliances for reuse within the community.


Furnitiure Reuse Network

Community furniture enterprise.



Gekko have a wide range of energy efficient studio lamps

Give & Make-up

A non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.

Goal Zero

Provide a range of solar panels, distributors and energy storage systems.


Green Couriers

Carbon balanced couriering company.


Green Product Placement

Green Product Placement promote and place green, sustainable, socially enterprising products. We can help green a production by providing products to place as set dressing, props and wardrobe that fit the profile of “good brand”.

USA based, work worldwide.

Green Tomato

Specialists to the TV & Film production industry providing Hybrid, Electric, Hydrogen, Executive and MPV vehicle options for crew and talent. GTC double offset the CO2 associated with each journey and then report on your reductions to help encourage sustainable productions in the UK.



Greenkit are a film lighting rental company. We specialise in energy efficient lights that give filmmakers an innovative, reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional film lighting.

London based


Sustainability & Environmental Consultants for the Film, Commercials & TV Industry.



Waste management services.

South East


Broadcast quality rechargeable batteries.



Computer leasing company.


Harmless Packaging

Environmentally friendly office supplies.



Specialising in recycling hazardous waste for studios and on location


Provider of customisable re-usable crew water bottles and catering mugs

Hybrid Power Hire

Hybrid Power Hire provides a bespoke, low carbon, sustainable, off grid power solution for TV and Film production locations, with service and support.



Annotate, edit and store PDFs on tablets


IN:Quality own, install, and remotely manage equipment to allow live interviews on TV and radio programmes from the home or office.

JB Locations

JB locations provide location tower lighting that operates on hydrogen


JLLighting are a Lighting company specialising in Television and Events. With a team who are keenly focused on the sustainability, JLL have moved their A stock over to being fully LED, with investment in well over 300 LED professional Lights.

Just Perfect Catering

Just Perfect own and operate state-of-the-art location catering facilities and can be relied upon to provide exquisite food and a fast, sustainable and efficient service.



KeepCups mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups. They do this by delivering sustainably made products that are fit for purpose.


Waste management services.

Environmentally concerned and commercially driven, Lanz Group is a company that has built its reputation on providing quality services which are professionally delivere

South East

LED Creative

LED Creative is a broadcast entertainment rental lighting company. It works closely with set designers and lighting directors and specialises in custom-designed LED systems – eg, LED strips.

Library of things

Allows you to borrow and return items, avoiding the need for purchase and dispose.


Life Water

Bottled British water.

Life water is 100% carbon neutral and bottled at a certified organic source. Life has undertaken to NEVER export overseas. Every bottle of Life water gives up to 1000 litres of clean drinking water to communities in the developing world

Light Green Power

LightGreen Power designs and supplies silent, emission free electrochemical power packs to customers requiring remote and portable power solutions.


Provider of reusable temporary floor protection.

Location One

Location supplies and waste and recycling service.

London Biopackaging

Provide a wide range of biodegradable productions for catering


Luxury loos for UK events & festivals. Off-grid, waterless energy-generating toilet technology.

Medley Productions

Provider of solar power rigs



Provide gennies which run on waste vegetable oil


Movidiam is a professional creative network and project management application that enables brands, agencies and filmmakers to connect, collaborate and create remarkable films.

Málama Composites, Inc.

Málama Composites develops and manufactures bio-based polyurethane foams for a wide range of industrial applications. Our products are cost and performance competitive with traditional petroleum-based products. However, they generate no water or air pollution during the manufacturing process. They contain no toxic additives or blowing agents.


Nationwide Platforms

Nationwide Platforms provides powered access platforms, offering environmentally conscious products that utilise the latest battery technology and hybrid technologies.

Natural Capital Partners

NCP deliver solutions for positive impact on carbon, energy, water, biodiversity and communities across our clients’ direct operations, consumer markets and supply chains.

Natural History Network

Natural History Network make it easier to connect skilled freelancers with employers looking for first rate crews.

New Page

Smart Works take donations of women’s workwear and have donation centres in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

New PageThe Real Junk Food Project

Various cafes and projects throughout the UK taking donations, including Save the Date Cafe in London.

Noble Waste Management

Carbon Neutral, innovative waste management company.


Website database of fabrics with environmental credentials

Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise which brings together a huge range of hand-picked eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for all textile projects.



An app which connects food donations with those who would need them.

On Bio

On Bio are listed on the abert supplier page for the services provided UCO (used cooking oil), presently the only ‘sustainable’ bio fuel option.

One Difference

Ethical supplier of bottled water and eggs!

One Pumpkin

One Pumpkin is a sustainability consultancy offering a range of services, all underpinned by straightforward and effective advice. One Pumpkin is run by Georgina Stevens in conjunction with other specialists in the sustainability field.


Online production management tool - live across web, tablet and mobile


Panalux have an established history of providing lighting to the entertainment industry. They can also provide a number of low energy lamps

Paper Round

Waste management services.

Paper Round offer a full range of services from office recycling to food recycling and computer recycling for London businesses

London and Brighton


PaperlinX provide paper where the impacts of it’s production has been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon is either prevented from being released or is absorbed from the atmosphere.


North West based rental and private hire company with low-carbon fleet.

Pinewood MBS Lighting

Pinewood MBS Lighting have a wide range of low energy lighting solutions for television and film. They provide services worldwide.

Poly Bags

Supplier of compostable bin liners

Portable Electric

Silent, low carbon portable power solution.

Moving in to the UK soon

Powerful Thinking

Powerful thinking explore new ways of working which reduce costs and carbon through increased efficiency, and share findings to promote lower carbon energy supply.


Procam and Take are the first CarbonNeutral® tv and film hire facilities in Europe. Procam Group has implemented company-wide initiatives across its offices to reduce its footprint and encourage sustainability, including the purchase of 100% renewable energy through albert’s Creative Energy Project.

Proper Oils

Collecting used cooking oil from chefs and caterers for refining into biodiesel. Also offering fresh cooking oil deliveries.

London and the South.


ITV Studio’s equipment rental arm, supplying a wide range of LED lighting and low energy solutions to the TV and Film industry from bases in Leeds, Manchester and London.

Pulp Art Surfaces

Provider of eco-friendly dimensional wall skins to the television and motion picture industry.


Pura Water

Provide plumbed water dispensing units on location and in the studio.



Water efficient vacuum toilets.

Quantum Waste

Quantum waste offer collection of all common waste and recycling streams and seek to minimise their operation impact wherever possible.

Ram Board

Providers of sustainable temporary floor covering.


Community RePaint schemes collect reusable, leftover paint and re-distribute it to individuals, families, communities and charities in need, improving the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the UK.


Restoration Station

Social enterprise taking donations of furniture



Children’s art centers taking donations of art and craft material.



Rimms provide an on-line management of mic tracking, remote mixing, event logging and digital releasing. RIMMS servers are hosted in a 100% carbon neutral server.


Sargent-Disc is the leading UK provider of payroll, production accounting and production management software to the entertainment industries.


Arts charity accepting donation of art and craft materials

Wolverhampton and Midlands

Scene Cuisine

Catering company with experience assisting programme teams in delivering sustainable productions.

Scenery Salvage (including Stockyard North)

Scenery Salvage run a national network to deliver pre-used props and sets for construction projects, and waste sets for re-use or recycling.



Scriptation is a PDF annotation app for film and television professionals. It supports all common annotation types including highlights, drawings, notes, free text, images, sound recordings, and more.

Select Enviro

Waste management services, including composting!

South East

Set Exchange

An online resource for the creative community to donate and acquire props and sets.


When sets are no longer needed, set-a-side make the Designer and Production Manager aware of the fact in order to give them the opportunity to consider reusing elements of the set in other productions.


Centralize your technical and artistic data. Quickly share your scouting photos and casting videos. Work as a team, fast and secure. Setkeeper’s servers are hosted in a carbon neutral environment.

Show Tex

A range of ecological and recycled products and fabrics for theatres, events, and performing arts including blue and green screen.


Simon Priestman

Zero local-emission, 4x4, all-terrain, camera, crane base and camera equipment.


Lighting company with a wide array of low energy lamps.

Smalls for all

If you’ve needed to buy any bras for your job, and they are leftover at the end, consider posting them to Livingstone in Scotland, to be donated to those in need in Africa.

Snow Business

Snow Business’s principal product lines, Pro-Flake, Eco-Flake and Bio-Sparkle, were designed in partnership Bristol University with environmental sustainability in mind.


Solarsense is a leading provider of sustainable solutions specialising in commercial Solar PV installations.

Squid and Pear

Provide top-notch seasonal and sustainable catering for events, photoshoots, film/TV shoots, weddings, office meetings and parties — or any other occasion where there are palates to delight and bellies to fill.


Stage 3 Catering

Location catering company with active environmental policy.

Stage Electrics

Offering sound and lighting solutions for over 30 years, the team regularly work at the highest levels within entertainment and the performing arts and have a broad range of low energy lighting products.


Stephen Everett

Stephen Everett has long specialised in the supply of reconditioned professional video tape to worldwide broadcast markets.

Suited and booted

Charity accepting donations of formal clothing to offering them to those in need of formal interview clothing.

Free collection from central London locations.

Sunbeam Studios

2 x 3,000 sq ft and 1 x 1,500 sq ft sustainable studio spaces with 100% renewable power, full recycling and up-cycling facilities and many other green initiatives.


The Solar Experts present an eco store for all situations.

SunStore supply the most comprehensive and tested range of eco products including 12v Solar Panels and solar kits for caravans, motorhomes, boats, farms, homes and businesses. All solar components for battery charging and off grid energy including 12v and portable solar panels and MPPT charge controllers

team engine

connecting people & projects:
simple onboarding & timecards


Location catering company with expereince accomodation sustainablility


The Edit

The Edit are a regional Post House so providing necessary facilities to local production companies meaning they don’t have to commute far and wide across the county to final produce their productions. They run on Green Energy and have made efforts to reduce energy consumption throughout the industry.

The Fat Carrot

Vegetarian & vegan food company based in Kent.

The Green Office

Environmentally friendly office supplies.


The Powerline

Generator company aiming for carbon neutrality.

The Travel Foundation

We work to ensure tourism provides the greatest benefits to people and the environment in destinations.

Thirst Solution

Provide water dispensing backpacks to keep large numbers of people watered without the need for disposables.



Electric chauffeured car service.


Trussel Trust

National network of food donation centres.

Uptown Oil

Uptown will deliver fresh cooking oil, collect waste oil and deliver biofuel.



Broadcast quality rechargeable batteries.



Vegware develops, manufactures and distributes a full range of completely compostable food packaging and catering disposables.


Waste management services.

Veolia operate across the entire range of environmental services and offer customers comprehensive and tailored solutions


Version 2

Studio lighting company with extensive experience with low-energy lighting.

VI Rental

VI Rental supply equipment to the Broadcast television industry. VI Rental has started an Environmental Fund, set up to help with local and global projects directly relating to environmental concerns.


Waste management services.

Viridor is one of the UK’s leading recycling, renewable energy and waste management companies. Viridor puts waste into action, transforming it into high quality recyclables, raw materials and energy.



Voltaic provide portable (and wearable) solar panel units with a variety of adaptors.

Water Mills

Provide plumbed water dispensing units on location and in the studio.


We Got POP

POP enables the optimal work flow between production and crew; casting agents and background artists

White Light

Entertainment lighting company with wide range of low energy lighting solutions.