Posted on 30th November 2020

Andie Clare: Director of Production, Icon Films

Climate change is altering living systems in countless ways and how we as humans change our behaviour is the biggest question mark in all future predictions. Powerful encouragement is growing, and more low carbon opportunities are announced every day

Icon Films is committed to responding to the climate crisis with optimism, creativity and authenticity and we have been working for many years creating and supporting a culture where sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Sustainability is an agenda point in every meeting: operations, development, production, postproduction, senior management, finance, commercial , professional reviews, and everything in between.

Understanding, measuring, and taking responsibility for the impact of everything we do has brought focus and rigour to the way we approach challenges and targets, and encouraged us to have conversations with the companies we work with to learn more, share ideas and find solutions

There is much to be concerned about, but also a lot to celebrate, and so much more to do.