Posted on 22nd May 2023

It’s International Day for Biological Diversity 2023

Today marks International Day for Biological Diversity, a day to celebrate the intricate web of all living things that make up our natural world and upon which we all depend.

From animals to plants, insects to fungi right down to microorganisms like bacteria, that interconnected web of living things generates the air we breathe, the food we eat and water we drink but also medicines, fuel & materials, and livelihoods.

Following the historic international agreement to do more to protect biodiversity at COP15 in December, the theme for this year’s day is around moving from agreement to action to build back biodiversity. While agreeing is clearly important, it is delivery that is key.

As an industry, we are increasingly agreeing that biodiversity is important but we too need to start acting on that agreement.

While biodiversity was once seen as the preserve of natural history productions, we now know that all genres, sectors and departments of the screen industry interact with and impact on biodiversity. From catering ingredients and costume materials to set construction and location vehicles, there is the potential to make production choices that will not only prevent damaging biodiversity but could even enhance it.

And while we know that climate change and biodiversity are intrinsically linked, one impacting upon the other, the good news from this is that as an industry there is so much we are already doing. The actions we’re taking to reduce carbon will help mitigate climate impacts on biodiversity including extreme weather events and loss of habitat. Our sustainable procurement policies such as using reclaimed or recycled timber are reducing deforestation, protecting habitats and maintaining carbon stores.

By finding out just a bit more about the ways productions impact and taking action to address these impacts, we really can #BuildBackBiodiversity and have a sustainable industry that is tackling the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity head on.

Find out more at albert’s dedicated biodiversity webpage

Find out more about the International Day of Biological Diversity at the Convention on Biological Diversity website: