Posted on 5th July 2024

Plastic Free July: Top 5 Films and TV Shows About Plastic Pollution

At BAFTA albert, we love to see inclusion of climate content in film & TV. Good climate content raises awareness of climate issues and can inspire audiences to act for our planet. This Plastic Free July, we want to highlight some of the most impactful films and TV shows that address the issue of plastic pollution. Here are our top five picks: 

1. Blue Planet II (2019)

Episode 7 of BBC Studios produced Blue Planet II, “Our Blue Planet”, highlights the impact of plastic waste on marine life and ecosystems, raising awareness about the environmental challenges posed by plastic pollution. The subsequent boost in public interest for these issues was dubbed ‘The Blue Planet II effect’.

2. Isle of Dogs (2018)

Wes Anderson’s animated feature is set in the futuristic, densely populated Japanese city of Megasaki. Most of the film takes place on ‘Trash Island, which is solely used for the disposal of waste, much of which is visibly plastic. 

3. War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita (2019)

In this BBC Documentary Series, Anita Rani and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall go on a mission to understand where the problem with plastic begins, how it affects the population and environment and what can be done to solve it. 

4. Plastic China (2016)

This documentary depicts the lives of families who make their living recycling plastic waste imported from developed countries, shining a light on how the western world’s consumption of plastic is circular, as the plastic waste sent to China is recycled into raw materials to make even more plastic products to be sold back to where it came from.

5. Obki (2022)

In Series 2, Episode 9 of this Sky Kids show titled ‘‘Drastic Plastic”, eco-alien Obki embarks on a grand design mission to make his refillable water bottle the best one ever. 

Check out our Editorial page for more examples of climate content as well guides on how to get climate into your content and research on how it can influence behavior change in audiences. 

About Plastic Free July: 

Plastic Free July is a global movement that empowers millions of people to reduce their plastic consumption and waste. Launched in 2011 by the Plastic Free Foundation, this initiative challenges individuals, communities, and businesses to refuse single-use plastics for July. By making small changes, participants contribute to a cleaner environment and inspire long-term sustainable habits. For more information and to take the pledge, visit