albert are proud to partner with Good Energy on this initiative. We have already negotiated competitive business rates on your behalf with Good Energy who came out on top for customer service as well as price and a host of other benefits. Great deals will also be available to your employees domestic supply to help spread the good energy a bit further. To find out more about Good Energy and how the renewable energy market works see this video from Fully Charged

Want to get greener but not sure what you can do? Here’s the answer.

Join now – you will get the best possible deal for renewable energy and will help to massively reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

For a no obligation quote go to If you decide to switch, we’ll happily PR your efforts and add you to our Creative Energy companies page on our website. We will also supply you with a “Powered by” logo to use on your website and and comms.

Climate change is the biggest thing we need to worry about. The international community recently made some strong commitments for carbon reduction but we must now support the targets to make them a reality.

Approximately 13 tonnes of carbon emissions are associated with the production of just one hour’s worth of content, almost 60% of this comes from electricity. Switching to renewables is an easy way to eliminate these emmissions,

Electricity that is produced from a renewable source can be sold to customers with a certificate guaranteeing its origin – a REGO. Certified electricity ensures customers are not contributing to climate change but it is often charged at a premium. But power comes in numbers, so if a number of us move to the same REGO certified energy provider, then we’ll get a much better deal which is why The Creative Energy Project was created.