Posted on 22nd July 2019

Ian Sherborn, Creative Consultant

I have almost twenty years of experience working within the facilities sector of the production industry, particularly alongside companies operating in the field of lighting. During this time I have experienced a growing willingness to react to the requirement for sustainability in production and the development of products that deliver a lower carbon footprint for the film and television industry.

In recent years this has been demonstrated by rental houses through investment into lighting equipment; helping drive technology further and make competent, realistic alternatives to traditional light sources a viable option.

This change is placed upon a growing understanding that the wellbeing of our planet is something that affects us all. The impact we make is well documented and, although many still choose to look away or pretend they are not part of the problem, it is more important than ever that we face up to the issue and do what we can. Seeking out solutions to the problem is no longer to help ‘future generations’; the steps being taken today are very much for the sake of us all.

In production, there still exists a broad range of issues that need to be addressed, however it is hugely encouraging to know there are designers, manufacturers and rental houses working together to make available a host of modern production equipment that recognises the importance of environmental sustainability – solutions that really can make a difference.

Through my work I am proud to be able to play my part in supporting the environmental cause, whether by keeping the issue current with the companies I work with or by helping promote the fantastic work being carried out by those who already embrace the need to make a difference. Having been a keen sustainability advocate for many years, I am proud that today that many of the companies I work with are supporting the industry’s transition.

The industry is indeed changing and in many instances, new technologies are becoming the ‘norm’. And as technology has advanced, it is now totally feasible for a production to consider the use of low energy and LED alternatives without fearing of compromising the creative talents of the Cinematographer, Lighting Director or Gaffers.

Environmental complacency is not an option. To help address the concern, both at home and in our places of work, we are fortunate that initiatives such as albert exist to help us identify, understand and introduce positive change across many aspects of our lives.

I am extremely proud to be able to make whatever contribution I can to help raise awareness and to help identify ways of meeting the needs of our planet – it’s the only one we have and my kids would like to use it too. There have been numerous initiatives over the past few years that have targeted the green issue with varying degrees of success. The albert team have proven themselves to be a driving force on the topic of sustainability. You can make a difference, all you need to do is find out how – albert can help you.

By raising awareness of the global concern, by encouraging the use of alternative working methods and helping production identify industry partners that share the same philosophies, albert is not only bringing environmental issues to the fore but assisting production in setting, achieving and excelling individual targets.