Posted on 22nd July 2020

Screen New Deal

Alongside BFI and Arup, we're setting out a vision for what a sustainable film industry could look like.

The film production industry requires systemic change to be environmentally sustainable.


Our report sets out a routemap to achieve this goal…


While hard to imagine, climate science outlines that we need, not just to reduce our impact, but to eliminate it. This report highlights five key areas of opportunity to help the film industry achieve this goal.

We hope that this report and its recommendations will not be seen as a duty but as a chance to improve financial efficiencies and to increase the viability and desirability of sustainable filming destinations.

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This report is being published at such an important moment for our industry. We have all felt the devastating economic and cultural effects of the pandemic, so now is the time to regroup and come back stronger. We cannot continue to create films in the same manner we did before with no long term plan for the environment around us. It's time for our industry to lead the way both on and off screen and rebuild for a cleaner, greener future.

— Pippa Harris - Chair of Film Forum

So what's our impact?

In a word? Big.

Huge, even.

And it’s not that surprising when you think of the sheer number of people involved in a production (just watch those credits roll!) or the huge effort put in by each and every person to create the breathtaking films we all enjoy.

But it’s an impact we can no longer ignore. The climate crisis demands that every industry rethinks its practices so that together we can achieve net zero.

It’s time for the film industry to write its own script for the future.

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The film industry's impact in numbers

What is our impact?

The average 'tentpole' feature film has an enormous impact on the planet.

The data shown here is
based on analysis of data provided by 19 productions across four production companies.

One production's air travel...

...equates to 11 one way trips from the Earth to the moon



A film's total energy consumption...

...could power Times Square for 5 days



The number of plastic water bottles used on set... the same as the yearly average use of 168 people

The average fuel consumption...

...could fill the average car tank 11,478 times

How can we change?

We can’t sugarcoat it or pretend it’s going to be easy, but by breaking this report down into 5 key areas, we hope that the changes proposed feel both realistic and actionable. Below we highlight the 5 key areas we explored and the vision we have for each.

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Our report highlights five key areas of opportunity for transformation

Our vision for a sustainable film industry (in a nutshell)

Production Materials

What if the industry created zero waste and adopted a life cycle approach for all its materials while still meeting creative and financial requirements, and regenerating the environment?

Energy & Water Use

Energy demand could be reduced by incorporating passive design measures, integrating green infrastructure, and implementing low energy fittings and technology.

Studio Buildings & Facilities

Going forward, buildings should be designed for flexibility and adaptability by  procuring building services and fit out through product-as-a-service contracts.

Studio Sites and Locations

Onsite facilities redesigned to encourage a work-life balance and physical activity. Vehicle movement consolidated alongside public, shared and active transport options.

Production Planning

Could greater emphasis and time be allocated to planning, to allow  people to critically consider design, procurement, fabrication, operation, maintenance and end-of-use?

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What's Next

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Yes, it's long. We make no apology for that. Download and read!

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