Posted on 2nd November 2021

The Power of Brands in the Climate Fight – COP26 Event Recap

In this session, our panel discussed broadcasters' commercial initiatives for sustainability and how brands can benefit. We’ll also heard from the brands leading the charge towards a greener future. Read on to watch the full event.

In the first of our COP26 events, host Karen Fraser (Senior Director, IPSOS), and panellists Danielle Kelly (Director of Sales & Strategy Scotland, STV), Lucy Crotty (Cultural Insight & Strategy Lead, ITV Commercial), Tom Patterson (Group Digital Manager and Co-Founder of 4Earth, Channel 4), Rebecca Fay (CMO, Natural Capital Partners), Ben Newbury (Marketing Lead, Yorkshire Tea), and Margaret Jobling (CMO, NatWest) were brought together to discuss how brands and broadcasters can work together to promote sustainable consumption and make the biggest impact on audiences, with the smallest footprint.

Watch the event below…

Watch the event in full