Posted on 2nd March 2022

Reduce your production’s carbon footprint through your hotel choice

You can reduce your production’s carbon footprint by more than 20kg CO2 per hotel night by considering your accommodation choices.

When filming on location, it can often mean transporting your cast & crew to another town, city or even country, and then finding somewhere for them to stay for the duration of their time on the shoot. Travel and accommodation nearly always have the largest impact on a production’s carbon footprint, but if it’s necessary for your production, there are ways to reduce it. 

Two hotels in the same location can have a drastically different carbon footprint, which is why booking the most eco-friendly hotel can have such a significant impact on your production’s overall carbon footprint.

Staze, an albert supplier, helps people navigate this question by taking a data-driven approach. The hotel booking platform lets you filter millions of hotels by their carbon footprint to find and book the most sustainable option.

The average production uses 81 hotel nights split over all cast and crew, which means that if that were to take place in London then the forecast CO2 footprint of these bookings would be 826kg CO2e based on the average emissions of 10.2kg CO2 per night. 

So how can you find accommodation with lower carbon footprints? And by how much can you reduce your accommodation emissions?

How to reduce your accommodation footprint

“We love travel, but the unfortunate reality is that it harms the environment. We’re working for a future where travel can actually be a force for good for the planet shared Henry Popiolek, cofounder of Staze. “That’s why the carbon footprint of every booking on Staze is double offset with certified offsetting schemes to ensure that your trip has a net positive impact on the planet.

Staze’s carbon footprint calculations rely on hundreds of data points, such as total energy usage, renewable energy mix & hotel occupancy to help you find the hotel with the lowest carbon footprint in any given location. That means we look at the types of energy any given hotel uses, how much energy they use and how much of that energy usage can be attributed to your stay there.

For example, if you used Staze’s carbon footprint filter to find the lowest emitting hotels in London (in this case the Nhow London which emits 0.98kg per night) you could reduce the total production accommodation footprint down to 79kg of CO2. That’s less than 10% of the original footprint!

Each hotel on Staze displays a CO2 card, showing its footprint versus the local average

Each hotel on Staze displays a CO2 card, showing its footprint versus the local average

Find out more about Staze at their website.

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