Posted on 3rd March 2022

Sending out a final green memo at the end of your production

You might have already made a great start to your production by sending out a Green Memo, but what can you do once you've wrapped?

So you’ve already sent out a Green Memo (find out more about Green Memos here) before your production began, and have taken steps to reduce your impact – Congratulations!

But now you’ve wrapped and want to communicate to your crew the impact that their efforts have made on the production’s carbon footprint.

You should consider sending out a ‘final’ green memo.

A final green memo is something you can send out to everyone on the production at the end to summarise what’s been achieved in terms of sustainability. You can use your green memo as a base, and outline what’s been put into place and what could be implemented next time for an even bigger reduction.

You should include your draft and final footprints from the albert calculator to show the impact of the production and to highlight what has been done to reduce it.

Make sure to ask for feedback on what people think has gone well or can be improved upon for next time. See below for some good examples of final green memos to serve as inspiration for yours!