Posted on 2nd October 2022

It’s UN World Habitat Day

Today marks UN World Habitat Day, a day to reflect on the state of towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter.

World Habitat Day is marked on the first Monday of October each year and is recognized by the United Nations. This year’s World Habitat Day seeks to draw attention to the growing inequalities and vulnerabilities that have been exacerbated by the triple ‘C’ crises, climate, COVID and conflict. You can find out more and see the full programme for the day here.

What does this have to do sustainability in the screen industries?

Our habitats and the land we occupy depend on the biodiversity of said land. Biodiversity is essential for human life – we depend on it for not only the air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink but also for health & medicines, fuel & materials and livelihoods.

The film & TV industry impacts on biodiversity through its production practices, supply chain and through its portrayal of biodiversity on screen. There is great potential, however, for the impact of the industry to be positive and promote biodiversity.

Our best practices document goes through what biodiversity is, and what you can do behind the scenes, on screen and in your supply chain to preserve habitats.

Read our Biodiversity Best Practices Document