Posted on 29th April 2021

Do I need a Carbon Budget? (Earth Day 2021 event recap)

As Earth Day gets bigger and bigger every year, we had a busy week ourselves, with lots of online events! In this event which took place on the 21st of April, we discussed climate questions for media business and legal teams

Watch the FULL event here!

Showcasing sustainability on screen and the climate in content can no longer be considered just tick boxes in a social impact strategy.

In fact, as the world warms and we move ever closer to the UK’s mandatory Net-Zero Targets, those working within Legal and Business Affairs in the media need to consider Carbon Budgets, Duty of Care, Contributor Contracts and Long-term monetisation – all within the context of climate change.


Bal Samra, BBC Group Commercial Director

John Enser, Partner,  CMS

Helen Northrop, Director of Commercial Affairs, Content, Sky