Posted on 29th April 2021

Mission: Zero (Earth Day 2021 event recap)

As Earth Day gets bigger and bigger every year, we had a busy week ourselves, with lots of online events! In this event which took place on the 22nd of April, we (along with our friends at AdGreen) took an example production from 133 tonnes of C02 emissions, to only 2.2!

Watch the FULL event here!

From Catering to the Art Department, we highlight the opportunities for departments to reduce their carbon footprint and help you understand the actions that make the biggest difference.


Jo Coombes – Project director, AdGreen

Will Bourns – Sustainability Analyst, albert

Miranda Simmons – Production Manager, Founder of PMA Green Wing

Darren Khan – Founder & CEO, Travlrr

Khandiz Joni – Sustainability Professional, Founder of The Conscious Beauty Union

Louise Smith – Sustainability Manager, Jurassic World