1. Buy green electricty

Green Power – 100% renewable electricity has no carbon footprint. Make the switch.

Join our CREATIVE ENERGY scheme…

2. Power-up

Making sure there is plenty of house power can elimiate the need for generators.

3. Resource rescue

Offer production waste removal services, as even the longest running productions struggle to set-up waste disposal that prioritises donation and re-use.

4. Infrastructure upgrade

Make sure you’re a whizz when it comes to the current capability of electric vehicle charging, energy generation and efficiency technology.

5. House technology

Ensure that house lights and other technology is the most efficient on the market.

Do you meet albert's sustainable studio criteria?

  1. ELECTRICTY – is electricity bought from a company exclusively selling 100% renewable energy?
  2. OFFSETTING – is the studio’s carbon footprint calculated annually and remaining emissions offset?
  3. GENERATION – is the studio monitoring annual energy use and working toward on-site generation?
  4. SERVICES – does the studio support productions with the disposal of waste with respect to the waste hierarchy (including set disposal)?
  5. FUTURE TECH – is the studio making provisions to reduce production travel emissions, i.e. EV charging points of video conference facilities?