As an ‘albert Grad’ working on any production, it’s likely that you’ll be the person with the most up to date knowledge on how the screen industries must respond to the environmental challenges they face. Are you ready to show them how it’s done?


Map your influence

Where will you take your new knowledge? Anywhere you like. Your first job is to get a realistic understanding of all those you might seek to support and to put a plan together for how you could help them. Perhaps you might offer to calculate the production emissions? Maybe you seek to ensure the production’s waste contractor understands the circular economy? Which decisions are yours to make? Which decisions might you seek to influence by supporting those who have the power?

Learn your craft

Don’t expect to learn sustainable practices for your boss, but don’t blame them for that fact either. Whether you want to be a location manager or a lighting director, spend time understanding the creative and commercial implications of more sustainable practices so that your suggestions can be taken seriously.

Imagine a different future

If something can’t be done sustainably, what would need to change to make it happen. It’s easiest to imagine a different future when you’re new, so don’t be shy to share your ideas with your team – and with albert too.

Want to help your students gain specialist sustainability knowledge and bring it into our industry? Find out more about joining our Education Partnership.

Share your successes and note your failures

Everyone likes a good news story. If you have done something great, make sure everyone knows about it. By spreading the word across your production and with us, we can help everyone learn from your success.


Keep learning

When it comes to environmental impact, sometimes the old ways were the best. Speak to colleagues to understand how things have changed in the industry, it will provide some context and might give you an idea for the future.