Top Tips

1. Power pledge: Challenge your lighting supplier to support you in using as much low-energy lighting as possible.

2. Cost Benefit analysis: Ask production how much they are paying for electricity and help them understand the long term savings of low-energy lighting

3. Green Power: 100% renewable electricity has no carbon footprint. Have a word with the studio facility to make sure they are running on planet friendly power.

4. Keep learning: Our training provides you with the climate context upon which this all fits as well as practical guidance. Come along!

Why Change?

For every one hour of TV made in a studio, almost 20 tonnes of CO2 is produced. (and in case you’re not sure – yes, that’s a lot of carbon)

Why switch to Low Energy Alternatives?

Cooler lights, quicker to rig and de-rig, physically lighter to move around, pre-programmed lighting states, no flicker, no buzzing, no bulb replacement needed half way through a scene.

Far less of a drain on your energy source and energy bill. It’s a win-win for you, your production and the planet. 

Make a Change

We are albert.

We believe that the creative industries are our greatest opportunity to protect our planet.


We are albert

We are leading the charge against climate change; bringing the screen industries together to tackle our environmental impact and inspire sustainable living.

We are albert. So are you.

Get More Info

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5. Technology in the pipeline

Make sure you're a whizz when it comes to the capabilities for low energy lamps