An address book of sustainable suppliers to help you plan your production.

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Provide a range of solar panels, distributors and energy storage systems.


Amanda’s Catering

North West based caterers experienced working with productions to cater for sustainability.

Arcola Energy

Arcola Energy is active in a wide range of fuel cell application markets including education, portable power, transport and stationary.


BAE systems

Provide flexible solar power solutions.

Brontë Water Coolers Ltd

Brontë supplies water coolers in various northern locations such as Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Doncaster. The company recycles 90% of all the materials they use. They also make regular donations to WaterAid in addition to supporting other smaller charities.

Creative England

Creative England’s production service helps to support productions filming in England, by sourcing local crews.

ecoffee cup

Sustainable, re-usable cup.

Electric Pedals

Create interactive pedal-power events and installations. Some of these are to engage people with issues of energy wastage and to teach the science of generating electricity. And some are just for fun.



The Eco-Solar range of energy saving portable buildings are the latest in the Elliott Hire Eco-Future range.


Temporary, re-usable walls for use on set on or location.

Emerge 3RS

Greater Manchester charity gladly receiving donations of construction materials who also have wood for re use.


Catering and facilities company.

Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff.

Eye Fish

Eyefish is a database of peer reviewed crews from across the world. Its database can help you find source local film crews.


Fire Fly Solar

Provide renewable energy solutions for studios and locations.


Frank Water

Frank Water is based in Bristol. It provides with 32% recycled glass bottles, re-usable plastic bottles, water coolers, and refills for location based productions. All their profits go into funding save water and sanitation to communities around the globe.

Goal Zero

Provide a range of solar panels, distributors and energy storage systems.



Specialising in recycling hazardous waste for studios and on location

Hybrid Power Hire

Hybrid Power Hire provides a bespoke, low carbon, sustainable, off grid power solution for TV and Film production locations, with service and support.


JB Locations

JB locations provide location tower lighting that operates on hydrogen

Light Green Power

LightGreen Power designs and supplies silent, emission free electrochemical power packs to customers requiring remote and portable power solutions.


Provider of reusable temporary floor protection.

Location One

Location supplies and waste and recycling service.


Luxury loos for UK events & festivals. Off-grid, waterless energy-generating toilet technology.

Medley Productions

Provider of solar power rigs



Provide gennies which run on waste vegetable oil


Movidiam is a professional creative network and project management application that enables brands, agencies and filmmakers to connect, collaborate and create remarkable films.

Natural History Network

Natural History Network make it easier to connect skilled freelancers with employers looking for first rate crews.

Noble Waste Management

Carbon Neutral, innovative waste management company.

Portable Electric

Silent, low carbon portable power solution.

Moving in to the UK soon

Powerful Thinking

Powerful thinking explore new ways of working which reduce costs and carbon through increased efficiency, and share findings to promote lower carbon energy supply.


Water efficient vacuum toilets.

Quantum Waste

Quantum waste offer collection of all common waste and recycling streams and seek to minimise their operation impact wherever possible.

Ram Board

Providers of sustainable temporary floor covering.

Scene Cuisine

Catering company with experience assisting programme teams in delivering sustainable productions.


Lighting company with a wide array of low energy lamps.

Snow Business

Snow Business’s principal product lines, Pro-Flake, Eco-Flake and Bio-Sparkle, were designed in partnership Bristol University with environmental sustainability in mind.

Stage 3 Catering

Location catering company with active environmental policy.


The Solar Experts present an eco store for all situations.

SunStore supply the most comprehensive and tested range of eco products including 12v Solar Panels and solar kits for caravans, motorhomes, boats, farms, homes and businesses. All solar components for battery charging and off grid energy including 12v and portable solar panels and MPPT charge controllers

The Fat Carrot

Vegetarian & vegan food company based in Kent.

The Powerline

Generator company aiming for carbon neutrality.


Voltaic provide portable (and wearable) solar panel units with a variety of adaptors.