Posted on 16th July 2021

albert’s top 10 tips for sustainable production

How do you get started with sustainable production? Here are our top 10 tips to get you started on reducing a production's carbon footprint

Start Early

In the very early stages of development and pre production start including sustainability in your thought process. Get everyone in the production involved and make it fun. Send a green memo to make your intentions official.

Get Trained

Book yourself onto one of our free training sessions to get educated on climate change and the impacts and solutions of production.

Measure your Impact

It’s much easier to reduce your carbon footprint if you know what’s contributing to it. Start with measuring your predicted footprint in pre production on the albert toolkit. This will give you a break down of your impacts and allow you to be strategic in how to reduce them.

Check out your Suppliers and Stakeholders

Consider the approach of everyone you’re working with from locations to catering to kit hire to freelancers. Ask for their environmental policy, ask if their offices/locations run on renewable energy, ask how they can help you reduce your footprint. See our supplier list for more.

Consider Veggie Days

Switch your catering and make it predominately veggie-based. This can reduce your carbon footprint and be better for your budget too!

Reduce your flights and hotel stays

Travel and accommodation nearly always have the largest impact on a production’s carbon footprint. Book trains for shorter journeys (especially when travelling within the UK), work with local crews where you can and consider shared accommodation in place of individual hotel rooms.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Sets, props and costumes all need to be considered with sustainability in mind. Can you source second hand? How will dispose of items? Can you hire instead of buy? There’s plenty of companies set up to help here, check out the albert case study and supplier list for more inspiration.

Use your Influence

Your content has the power to inspire and shape people’s responses to issues, so use your platform to show positive actions on screen. The climate emergency is at the top of many people’s agenda, reflect this in your work.

Reduce, then offset

So you’ve made the switch to electric cars, LED lights, recycled sets and when you’re satisfied you’ve decarbonised as much as you can, offset the rest.

Get Certified.

Celebrate your achievements by getting certified. The albert sustainable production certification is an on screen certificate to show that you have actively taken steps to reduce your carbon