Posted on 18th November 2021

Netflix goes big with sustainable storytelling

Netflix has many examples of placing the planet in their content, whether as a main plot element or in the background. Read on to see how they've been doing it.

One of albert’s major goals is putting the planet into editorial, in other words, Planet Placement.

Netflix has had a strong history of putting the planet into their content, read on to see some of the best examples…

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

This heartwarming drama directed by and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor is based on the true story of a heroic young inventor who brings clean electricity to his drought-stricken Malawian village by teaching himself to build a windmill out of scrap and bicycle parts. William’s story inspires us to explore how we too can make a difference in the fight to save our home.

My Octopus Teacher

An Academy Award-winning documentary that tells the moving story of a burned-out naturalist who forges an unlikely bond with an octopus he follows and films for a year in the sea kelp forest near his home. The experience revives him, teaching him – and us – about the fragility of life and humanity’s connection with nature. The film’s success is helping to raise awareness about protecting the great kelp forests that are essential to ocean biodiversity and stabilising the climate.


A popular and terrifically entertaining Norwegian YA drama series that reimagines Norse mythology in the story of a modern day teen who discovers he’s the reincarnation of Thor. The titular battle between good and evil gods is recast as a fight to save the world from industrial polluters, as young Thor joins his community in their fight for clean water. The show reflects the high stakes of the environmental crisis while transporting us into an exciting fantasy adventure.

The Politician

In Season 2 of this acclaimed comedy series, the young politician (Ben Platt) runs for U.S. Senate on a climate action platform. His mother (Gwyneth Paltrow), now the governor of California, is obsessed with ocean pollution. Episodes accurately portray youth climate activism, zero-waste lifestyles, plant-based diets and other timely sustainability topics with hilarious writing that never downplays the crisis or ridicules those who are concerned. Season 2 is a master class in how comedy can mine climate reality without shortchanging entertainment.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

This is a travel and health documentary series that sends the star around the world to explore sustainable solutions in food and farming, buildings, transportation, product design and more. Zac’s curiosity and enthusiasm put the experts and innovators at center stage so we can’t help but be inspired by their designs for living well without harming the Earth.