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Remember, sustainability’s not just about personal action. Systemic change will be required. You can portray this, whether that’s with a sweeping vista of a windfarm or a preserved native woodland...

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What climate content should you cover?

Our research has shown that TV coverage of climate issues such as recycling, reuse and food are all on the up. This is fantastic but many of the issues with the highest climate impacts still barely feature. In 2020, 48% of UK emissions were related to transport and energy, whereas just 4% were related to waste management.

If, as an industry, we want to contribute to a sustainable future, we need to show the solutions that would help us get there.

The big emitters

Which areas have the highest climate impact?*




Energy Supply




*2019 UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Fatalism?

Ipsos/Futerra global poll finds high levels of fatalism about climate change among young people

Of the 20,000 people from 27 countries surveyed, a fifth of the youngest (under 35 y/o) cohort said they believe it is ‘too late to fix climate change’, highlighting a fatalism about their future not found in older groups.

The survey found younger people to be 66% more fatalistic about the chances of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will slow climate change to an acceptable degree.