Does your programme have non-verbal content that portrays sustainability?

It’s not about shoehorning climate change into every conversation. You can portray sustainability just through what’s in shot. Solar panels in backdrop, electric car being charged, reusable products.

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Think planet placement

A few prop or shot changes could be all it takes. How about including some of these:

Recycling bins
Eco-friendly cleaning products
Bikes and bike racks
Reusable products like water bottles and lunch boxes
Electric cars and charging points
Electric garden and hand tools
Signs, labels, posters, or clothing that have sustainable messages
Solar panels
Compost bins
Seasonal, plant-based food

The influence of TV

A report by the Behavioural Insights team in collaboration with Sky has found that 8 in 10 support the idea of broadcasters nudging green choices through content and 1 in 3 say TV has inspired them to make changes.

The Power of TV: Nudging Viewers to Decarbonise their Lifestyles

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An Ipsos Mori and Futerra  survey of 20,000 people from 27 countries surveyed found that a fifth of the youngest (under 35 y/o) cohort said they believe it is ‘too late to fix climate change’.

The challenge for producers and writers: how do you show the unvarnished truth while still providing hope and inspiring action?

Climate fatalism grips young people worldwide while the urgency for solution-oriented media grows

Climate Fatalism?

Ipsos/Futerra global poll finds high levels of fatalism about climate change among young people

Of the 20,000 people from 27 countries surveyed, a fifth of the youngest (under 35 y/o) cohort said they believe it is ‘too late to fix climate change’, highlighting a fatalism about their future not found in older groups.

The survey found younger people to be 66% more fatalistic about the chances of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will slow climate change to an acceptable degree.