Posted on 18th July 2022

Sharing sustainable practices through international collaboration

In an industry first, several sustainability figures from European broadcasters met for a roundtable and day of talks in Amsterdam.

In May, the most recent albert International partner, CME (Central European Media Enterprises), wanted to learn more about implementing sustainable practices across their organisation and productions. They started talking to ITV, who had been in the game for a while, who proposed having an ‘induction’ day in Amsterdam with ITV Netherlands, and thus began a day of international collaboration.


The Fellowship of Sustainable Production

As the sustainability event was being organised, more broadcasters joined in including Luxembourg based RTL and Dutch public broadcaster NTR.

ITV’s idea for the day was to create a collaborative open space to share best practice and feedback on implementing sustainable practices as a broadcaster.

It was important for CME to be ‘mentored’ by broadcasters who had been part of albert International for a long time and share their own experiences of how things went when they first signed up and what was learned.


The talks given throughout the day included:

  • An introduction to ITV Studios, their history, structure, and their journey towards a more sustainable future
  • NTR talking about how albert/sustainability has been put on the radar among the broadcasters
  • RTL talking about implementing sustainability from a broadcaster/commercial perspective
  • Using the carbon calculator in the storyline (to provide more background and insight and to make the story more compelling)
  • ITV Studios Netherlands talking about changes, successes, common pitfalls, tips & tricks for sustainability
  • How albert practices have been introduced and implemented in productions
  • Action plans for the Climate Content Pledge
  • Reporting systems for Planet Placement and sustainable production.

The broadcasters left with all the knowledge which had been shared among one another, and CME left with all they needed to know to kickstart their sustainability journey.