Posted on 21st September 2023

We’ve launched a new biodiversity guide for productions

Today we launch an in depth guide for those in the screen industry who want to reduce their impact on biodiversity in every area of production from planning to props

What is biodiversity and how is it linked to the screen industries?

Biodiversity refers to all the living things that share our planet, from animals – including ourselves, birds, plants, insects and fungi right down to microorganisms like bacteria.

The film & TV industry impacts on biodiversity through its production practices, supply chain, and through its portrayal of biodiversity on screen.

There is great potential, however, for the impact of the industry to be positive and support biodiversity and nature recovery.

Our brand new biodiversity guide aims to help productions reduce their impact and explore ways of becoming nature positive.
Download it now!

Download our biodiversity guide for productions

Want to learn more? join us for a step by step run through of the guide on the 28th of September


Join our webinar to mark the World Biodiversity Summit as we run through our biodiversity guide for productions to help you understand the part you can play and answer your questions.

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The publication of this new guidance marks a crucial step in empowering our sector to address the loss of biodiversity. Aiming to have a positive impact on the natural world is central to the BBC’s sustainability strategy - that’s why we are working hard to reduce our own biodiversity footprint and have supported BAFTA albert to develop this production guidance for the wider industry

— Danielle Mulder, BBC Director of Sustainability

At albert, we have been leading the way in cutting carbon in the screen industries but it will not be possible to achieve climate targets without addressing biodiversity. Declining biodiversity makes us more vulnerable to climate shocks like floods, fire, and drought, whereas healthy ecosystems can help store carbon. By encouraging productions to consider their biodiversity impacts, we have a real opportunity to both support nature recovery and achieve our climate goals

— Kirstie Shirra, Chair of albert’s Biodiversity Working Group