Could your programme highlight the climate implications of the action on screen?

If your programme features food, travel, homes, people, goods or services, then there’s a climate implication and angle that can be explored.

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The screen industries have a crucial role to play in solving climate change. Reducing the footprint of productions is important. But, by far, the greatest opportunity to make an impact is through the content we put on screen. Collectively, our industry reaches millions of people every single day. That represents an unprecedented opportunity to shift mindsets and make positive environmental behaviours mainstream. It’s a chance to shape society’s response to climate change.

We need to be net zero in a generation!

And we all have our part to play

Climate Positivity or Catastrophe?

Are Solution-Focused Stories More Effective Than Catastrophic Ones?

A key challenge for climate change communication is to find ways to engage the wider public in pro-environmental behaviours and support for climate change mitigation policies, without triggering avoidance or reactive responses.

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