Posted on 20th November 2023

Storytelling for Action Pavilion At COP28

This year at COP28 UNFCCC Climate Conference in Dubai, UAE, the Bellona Foundation is hosting the Storytelling for Action Pavilion in the UNFCCC Blue Zone, in partnership with BAFTA albert, Futerra, and Think-Film Impact Production.

Stories are core to human nature. We are moved by narratives with meaning and relate to one another through engaging characters. In the face of the dramatic shifts in the global climate and global economy, people are seeking truly authentic and engaging stories to provide understanding, empowerment and hope. Stories that can enable meaningful climate action. 

Good storytelling has also proven to be highly effective at building public awareness and engagement on important issues, making it an underutilized opportunity for engaging millions of people worldwide at this pivotal moment in humanity’s own story.

The Storytelling for Action Pavilion will host a series of conversations that have never been had at COP between the entertainment community and the climate science & policy community on the role of storytelling in addressing global climate change. It will feature participation from major entertainment studios, broadcasters, and leading storytellers and creators to:

  • Explore why storytelling represents a critical opportunity to engage global audiences in tackling climate change.
  • Share how storytellers are effectively engaging audiences on both the realities and solutions to climate change, and how members of the talent community can raise awareness.
  • Bring attention to the need for greater support for storytelling capacity to enable more genuinely entertaining, engaging, and evidence-based storytelling.

Session Information 

3rd December 12pm – Busting Barriers for Solutions Stories: How industry is growing support for climate storytelling 

Location: Bellona Foundation Pavilion, Zone B7/88, Blue Zone

This panel looks at the impact of climate storytelling through TV and film and what more is needed to create more of it.

We will be asking:
– What climate storytelling already exists?
– What does the industry need to do to support more of these stories?
– How will these stories be financed and by who?
– What policy support and incentives can be provided by our governments?


Carys Taylor, Director of Climate Content and Sustainability, BAFTA albert
Samata Pattinson, CEO, Black Pearl
Nuseir Yassin, CEO of Nas Company


3rd December 2pm – Listening Not Speaking: Centering Indigenous storytelling and lived experience in a just transition

Location: Shared Presentation Stage 4, Zone B7/88, Blue Zone

The IPCC calls for Indigenous and Traditional stories to take a role in helping navigate our way out of the climate crisis. This session will platform storytellers and policy-makers from Indigenous and
Traditional communities and will also explore the role of story in enabling a just transition.


Wiruungga Dunggirr, Elder, Namba Gumbaynggar Nation

3rd December 4:30pm – The Clash of Narratives: From paper straws to techno heroes – Exploring behaviour change vs. system change

Location: Bellona Foundation Pavilion, Zone B7/88, Blue Zone

In a world of divisive and inaccurate narratives public engagement and storytelling matters. Behaviour change versus techno savior, Climate everything versus implicit narratives

We’ll explore:
– How do we reflect the rich, grey middle grounds?
– How do we cut through disinformation?
– How do we engage the public on system change, rather than plastic straws?
– What works with audiences?


Solitaire Townsend, Co-Founder and Chief Solutionist, Futerra
Will Ridgeon, Producer Director, BBC Studios
Khadija Stewart, Founder, Ecovybz Environmental Creatives


5th December 1pm – Solving Our Crisis of Imagination: Debate between the solutionists and the storytellers 

Location: Bellona Foundation Pavilion, Zone B7/88, Blue Zone 

Hear from a cross-sectoral panel, from across TV and film and infrastructure, about the solutions that are going to shift the needle and how the stories we need to hear about them.

We’ll explore:
– What are the fundamental truths of Net Zero (no fossil fuels, climate justice, electrify everything etc)
– What is the global public awareness of those truths?
– How can we imagine that need into reality?
– What stories work and shift the needle?


David Garrido, Sky Sports
Farhoud Meybodi, Film Maker
Kimberly Burnick, NBCUniversal
Lina Strandvåg Nagell, Senior Policy Manager, Bellona Europa


5th December 2023 3pm – Climate Storytelling Masterclass: Communicating climate action through story

Location: Shared Presentation Stage 4, Zone B7/88, Blue Zone

Learn more about the power of story to reach our global sustainability targets and change our shared future. Join TED speaker, author and sustainability expert Solitaire Townsend and a panel of thought leaders for a masterclass in compelling climate storytelling and how we can all rewrite the narrative.


Solitaire Townsend, Co-Founder and Chief Solutionist, Futerra
Tamseel Hussain, Founder & CEO, PlucTV


More information can be found here. 

About the organising partners

The Bellona Foundation:

The Bellona Foundation is an international environmental NGO working on the major climate and environmental problems. Founded in 1986 as a direct action protest group, Bellona has become a recognised technology and solution-oriented organization with offices in Oslo, Brussels, Berlin, and Vilnius, and representatives in USA and several EU Member States. Frederic Hauge, founder of Bellona, was named a TIME Magazine Hero of the Environment in the award’s inaugural year 2007. In addition to Hauge, some 70 engineers, ecologists, biologists, economists, lawyers, political scientists and journalists work at Bellona.

Visit us at / 


BAFTA albert:

BAFTA albert is the leading screen industry organisation for environmental sustainability.  Owned and operated by BAFTA, and founded in 2011, albert supports the film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and to create content that supports a vision for a sustainable future.  The industry-backed organisation offers online tools and training, events, practical guidance and thought leadership to all screen industry professionals to help them identify and act upon opportunities on and off screen which can lead to effective climate action.

More at the albert website:



Futerra is a change agency with a mission to ‘Make the Anthropocene Awesome’. We work with Hollywood studios, activist groups, broadcasters, social media creators, street artists and global brands to tell climate solution stories. Founded in 2001, our clients and partners include Google, WWF, Netflix, IKEA, TikTok, Sky, Unilever, Sierra Club and the United Nations. Futerra is majority-owned and led by women, a founding B Corp and the first agency designated a Climate Solutions Provider under the United Nations Race to Zero. Our team is based in London, New York, San Francisco and Mexico City.

Visit us at

For COP28 enquiries contact: 


Think-Film Impact Production: 

Think-Film Impact Production is an Oscar-winning impact media company with specialist expertise at the cutting-edge intersection of art and social change. Founded by socio-political impact pioneer Danielle Turkov Wilson, Think-Film has worked on major movies, including 2023 Oscar and Bafta winner Navalny (Warner Media/CNN Films), championing democratic freedoms and launching sanctions against Russia, Peabody winner The Territory (National Geographic), protecting Indigenous rights in a new EU law that bans deforestation, Dark Waters (Participant Media, Mark Ruffalo, Todd Haynes), banning toxic PFAS chemicals in Europe, The Son (See Saw Films, Hugh Jackman, Florian Zeller), integrating culture into mental health policy strategies, and many more.

Visit and follow on social media @thinkfilmimpact. Contact Danielle Turkov Wilson, Founder & CEO