Subtitles to Save the World

We began releasing our subtitle reports from 2019, aiming to analyse how the broadcast industry is covering climate change on our screens.

Subtitle data provided by biggest British broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, UKTV and Sky) is interrogated and analysed with the help of Deloitte to uncover how environmental themes are being covered, and in what genres.

Report 3 (Released in 2021)

Our third and latest report revisited subtitle data gathered during a turbulent year which reflected the impact of lockdown on both the TV production industry and wider society.

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Our journey to Net Zero is essential and entirely possible, but it can feel baffling and fraught for many. The TV industry is crucial in helping us to realise the future we must create - it can do it through a drama, a comedy or a quiz show - it can help us imagine our future in a way other industries cannot. The opportunity is huge, and it must not be missed.

— Chris Stark - Chief Executive, Climate Change Committee

Report 2 (Released in 2020)

In 2020, we released our second subtitle report. Had the industry improved in its representation of themes around climate change and the environment since we made our first report?

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Report 1 (Released in 2019)

It all began here in 2019. It was time to consider what we would like TV’s cultural response to climate change to look like in the future. Should television simply report the woes of an unsustainable society, or help move society towards a sustainable future?

We delved into subtitle data to look at how the broadcast industry is currently covering climate change on our TV screens.

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