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Young people ask programme makers to include climate breakdown in their shows

As children around the world invite adults to join #FridaysforFuture protests on Friday 20 September, albert is giving young people a platform to ask industry professionals to communicate climate breakdown and the need for action.

This is a great opportunity for our industry to support young people in the Fridays For Future movement and achieve significant positive change through your work.

Young climate activist Noga calls for more action from programme makers.

Children and young adults have made short ‘selfie-type’ videos asking how climate change might be relevant to their favourite TV genre, be that food, fashion, travel or sport.


Have you got an answer for Lucy?

The videos conclude by asking programme makers to reflect the reality of the climate crisis in their content.

albert has agreed to bring these videos to the attention of producers, directors, on screen talent and commissioners, and that’s where you come in…

Record your answer to these young people and post it on Twitter

How you can get involved

These videos will be shared on albert’s Twitter account, and we are inviting industry professionals to answer this call in a way that suits them.

Do you make or commission travel shows? Post your answer on Twitter in video or text and include @WeAreALBERT and #PlanetPlacement

On social media

NB Please ensure any public responses are constructive, remembering that young adults and children are involved.

By email or phone

  • sharing the videos with colleagues by email will help these young people to make change.
  • contact our team for guidance on how you can achieve more for the planet in your output, by email to  or by phone on 020 7292 5807

If you want copies of the video assets contact albert communications manager, Rhys


Can you restyle your programme content?

To answer this call and make more Earth-friendly content, use Planet Placement insight on how to raise the issues or show the actions.

BECTU’s page on the climate strike is here.

Work on sports coverage? Curtis?