Posted on 13th June 2022

Our 2021 Annual Review is out

Our Annual Review of 2021 reflects on a significant year for the TV industry with huge efforts made in tackling climate change despite challenging conditions.

The latest data from our carbon calculator and certification toolkit reveals that in 2021, the average hour of TV contributed 5.7t CO2e per hour. This represents a 30% increase from 2020’s figure of 4.4t CO2e/hr- but remains significantly lower than 2019’s average figure of 9.2t CO2e.

*Please note that a previous version of the review contained a mistake in the ‘ Generator Fuel Use’ section on page 26. This has now been rectified.

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Our 2020 Annual Review indicated that the 4.4t figure was likely an anomaly caused by lockdown and COVID-compliant working practices. Remote production techniques, an increase in archive material use and working from home all contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions in 2020.

Although it was expected that 2021’s figure would rise, the lower than expected average is an indication that sustainable practices are remaining in place, despite increased demands and pressures on the production community.

The 2021 data represents the first year the albert carbon calculator has recorded an increase in carbon emissions - but it was expected to be higher. 2020 saw a major reduction, partly due to COVID-related changes, so we anticipated an increase but are pleased it is still significantly lower than where we were in 2019

— Carys Taylor, Director of albert