It’s been a year in the making...

…but our revamped albert toolkit is here. Easier on the eye and with lots of new features, we’re excited to share it with the production community not only in the UK but across the globe. 

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Here's 8 points to get you started

  1. The URL stays the same –simply go to to begin. You can also always access the calculator from the menu at International versions also remain at the same URLs for Canada, Netherlands and Ireland
  2. Everyone will need to reset their password. Enter the email address associated with your account and then click on ‘Forgot your Password’ – this will allow you to choose a new password and access the new toolkit.
  3. You will still be able to access all your old footprints in the new toolkit – everything has been moved over. If you are in the middle of a footprint then the albert team is manually moving these over too. If you can’t find a footprint, then please contact the albert team.
  4. albert Certification is now achieved by completing a Carbon Action Plan. Successful completion of a carbon action plan will lead to albert Certification – i.e. the logo which you can display on the end board.
  5. This launch is just the beginning – in the coming weeks and months, we will be adding new features including our reports feature which will allow you to analyse your footprints like never before!
  6. The new toolkit has been developed with the global production community in mind. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling the toolkit out in over 10 different languages.
  7. We’ve got plenty of additional ways to help you navigate the new tool – our how to videos (more on the way as new features arrive), our quick start guide, and our free webinars.

We are excited to be able to offer our toolkit to productions around the world. Using international carbon factors means that all productions, no matter where they are in the world can accurately build a picture of their environmental impact. I don’t believe there’s another tool out there for the production community like this.

— Roser Canela Mas - Industry Sustainability Manager

As a global company, we know we have a responsibility to measure and reduce our impact on the planet. We are proud to be the first company to invest in albert on a global scale and help to develop their calculator into a tool that the entire industry can use. This is a great step forward for TV companies around the world, to allow them to educate themselves on the environmental impact of producing TV and empower them to move towards more sustainable methods.

— Jennifer Mullin, Global CEO, ‎Fremantle